We wouldn’t have anything left in the United States or Europe if they hadn’t been! Head fo Juno beach , Singer island area . They can take many years to reach sexual maturity, almost 30 years in the case of the sand bank shark. Throwing a cast net really takes a little while to learn to throw, so don’t get frustrated. If you care about animals then stop this, if you care about the ecosystem then stop this sharks play a vital role, if you care about man-kind stop this many developing countries depend on sharks for food and resources. This low reproductive rate means that depleted shark populations can take a very long time to recover, if they recover at all. If you don’t like the conversation go to another website and watch bambi and finding nemo. Fishing for sharks has become more popular recently. Additionally they are quite fun to play in the waves when the fishing is slow. This time I take off in a dead run and snatch the rod out of the holder. I PLAN ON DOING IT FROM THE SURF AND WILL USE OCTOPUS,CUT ASSORTMENT OF FISH, AND ANY LITTLE FISH I CATCH ON SHRIMP. we use a small kayak to take the bait out between 150-300 yards. I jumped on the rod for all it was worth and made sure to have a good hook set. AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the shark is going to start peeling some major drag. where would you say that i should go and how far out and what bait. Not all shark fishermen are like Captian Ahab! You honestly have no clue what you are atually doing to the earth when you kill these sharks. Also if u don’t like Americans then go home why did you come here if where u came from was so good. Here is a tip on making shark chum. Straps57 and Justin did an awesome job helping the rookie out with words of encouragement, coaching, and making sure everything went smoothly. Since most sharks are long and relatively slim it can get into waters you normally might find swimmers playing in, from 2ft. No need to be such a dick to people who find your “hobby” somewhat barbaric, because it is, Sharks ARE in serious decline worldwide. Back to the subject at hand a “Live Ladyfish” Trolled on the top off of a bridge with an outgoing tide produces AWSOME results for Blacktip, Bullshark, Tiger shark, Baracuda and Tarpon! The majority of bites you hear about on the news are caused by being at the right place at the wrong time. Jan-March the blacktips gather by the thousands , along the Fla east coast. Let me know when you are headed out again. I’ll be happy to explain in more detail as to the actual tackle I use. I always use bunker heads on a 10/0 circle hook and obviously a 100 lb leader. If your so against certain things why don’t you go and try to stop prostitution that causes diseases worldwide and see if you can stop that. While meat is wet rub with brown sugar, a light sprinkle of garlic salt, smoked or regular paprika, and pepper. Now on to next level. Many laughed basically and said it couldnt be done. We shoot our bait 150 yards or more to get you the big ones! If you did it right the hook should automatically be pulled perpendicular to the shark bait. It is all about fishing from the beaches. I’ve been shark fishing for a while, mainly out of Va beach, Sandbridge, hatteras, and cape point. http://www.sharkfighter.com/How%20To/Shark%20Grilling.html. I shark fish in P.C.B FL. This beach is great for shark because hardly anyone visits, and fisherman own the beach in the morning. email me at pinkysbaitshack@yahoo.com. We decide to pack it in as its now getting close to midnite and food is a big priority at this point. As he’s peeling drag don’t try to stop him. Purchasing a $30 spinning combo isn’t going to handle a fight from the oceans top predator. From the time you hear that clicker you need to start counting. I’m sure you can get a lot of adrenaline from such an experience, and I would love to do this, but with someone who did something like this before. Let him wear himself out. Sam, we are gonna do it hard in june. This bluefish is around 18″ so 2 hooks were needed for good coverage. If you are hoping to catch a 500lb shark, then 12/0, 14/0, 80w, 130. Latest. Good Luck and Tight Lines to all! All hooks and swivels should be attached with crimps with similar ratings. Holy cow this friggin thing was huge. What I do know is that the Galveston shark fishing is down right addictive. Remember a 6oz weight and a 20-30oz hunk of meat weighs a lot! Unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky. thanks mike!! Good overall fishing trip. drop me a line on my website http://www.sharkfighter.com, my contact info is there. The largest was about 6′ but I didn’t have the equipment to weigh the fish, but I am sure it would have broke the state record. This is a good choice for spooling the Penn Senator 113 as it has a high line capacity. You’re going to need to walk him out quite a ways (knee deep water) and get the water flowing over his gills again. Any advice would be helpful. Sure , lets go . I also love wildlife. thanks!! The only problem is… I’m still inexperienced. I went shark fishing for the first time last june. i tag em and photo em. LadyFish are touted as mini-Tarpon and for a good reason. IM not sure what weekend,but I have a good feeling.If you want to hook up I will let you know the weekend and destination when we figure it out.LATER DAYS!!! Get your head out of your ass and quit being ignorant. I have caught numerous mosterous blact tip sharks from pier and surf and bull sharks as well. Do you think there would be any decent tackle or bait shops? And i am trying to find some place to buy fresh Jacks or LadyFish. Pleas refrain from making it look like a “cool” and fun thing to do. I DO NOT SUGGEST TRYING TO LAND A LARGE SHARK BY YOURSELF. Don’t you dare catch and kill another shark again, ya hear me? for $170 and 50 yard casts you can’t go wrong. The Pacific coast has their fair share of sharks cruising the beaches. USING LARGE CUT BAIT LIKE MULLET, MENHADEN, OR SQUID IS TRIED AND TRUE, BUT LIVE IS ALWAYS BEST. I would really appreciate it. I will be home from Iraq about that time frame (late May or early June) and would be great to drive down for an evening or two of fishing. They were grown men killing the sharks. Thats three sharks 9’0″ or better in ONE day !!!!!!!!!!! I am currently in Iraq but in GA i fish for Shark usually nearshore or on the river or sound (sound = bay for you yankee’s). July 4, 2019. I went on this site to get some tips when I read what that guy said, what a looser. Just cut em up and rig em! You may not realize that whether there are fishermen there or not, the sharks are there. And then once realesed…it’s completely fine. marinating them like this will take out any of the strong ammonia taste that might be from urination. As far as catch Hammer heads and Tigers are your prize catch. The bait is usually in the region of 3lb – 8lb in weight. Les Luker. We all pitch in and get the shark to the beach. I was thinking the same thing, that guy needs to get a life! Calling around to see if they stock this type of bait is best. Make the trip, it’s really worth while. Do some research before you paint us all as “cruel animal butchers”. I start reeling in line and then I hit the wall. Sharks are excellent eating , when cooked properly .Almost no one is going to kill a large shark , and just take 5 lbs. And on my other rods it would feel like I gota bitethenit feel like I was just hung on a rock,and id just be reeling my hart out at least trying to.and just when ima bout to reach for my blade to cut the line and re rigg. hey man i actually just got done fishing in hilton head island and im trying to look for a way to cook this shark. Just now saw your request . Shark finning is the barbaric practice. And don’t be so quick to call Americans arrogant and then preach to us about ethics and morals. Get outside and Have Fun! These sharks are generally the larger shark species (including the Great White Shark). The Penn 12/0 Senator packed with 1500 yards of 100 lb Power Pro with about 100+ yards of 130 lb mono top shot. Many people seem to think that using circle hooks results in several missed hook-ups. by the way what spots do you fish at down here on the island? i fish high island! Being that ive never been in a kayak in the surf before and the kayak we had on the beach was a little small for me I was delegated to watching reels as lines were taken out and anything else that needed to be done. Why? Straps was out in the yak so Justin was up and he took the rod like the seasoned pro that he is. The piers should be better policed since that’s where they get killed. of course it is catch and release!!!! If you don’t agree, then simply state that, and why. All you stupid treehuggers need to get a life. People who make rash statements like that drive away future conservationist, and make people who are trying to help the cause look crazy and irrational. Just wondering if it is ok to catch and eat a shark. You can cast it out or you can kayak it out. All released unharmed. I yak the bait out about 250 yards with no success. Once I got him strapped in and made sure he had some water to drink it was on. So far the biggest has been an almost 9 foot long lemon shark but we know that there are 4 meter sharks out there. Whats up tight lines just got back from Hatteras we thought it was a little early to do some sharking. thank you for anything that you can help me with. Justin and Straps take care of some dental work. test and a heavy action 5-7 foot rod. Or would any charter joints be willing to lend some good info or sell you live bait? Live or cut mullet seem to be their meal of choice. I just caught a 19 ft mako yesturday. At this point the shark has just picked up the bait and is off to devour his freshly plucked meal. These same fisermen are also avid conservationists. I brought in my rod and didnt even bother rebaiting or sending it back out – I was spent. You lefty environmentalists would walk through fire to save a magget, but at the same time defend a woman’s right to exterminate her innocent unborn child. July 26th of 2008, I hooked up on a 65lb. The US is one of the most active countries working to create, and enforce laws to protect our coastlines, and oceans worldwide, look around online to see the thousands of outdoorsman/sportfishing groups and organizations, whose funding and activism has greatly influenced the world. With 5730 miles of coastline in the United States, there is plenty of water for sharks to roam. Surf fishing for sharks requires patience, so be sure to bring a sturdy rod holder to keep your rig secure while you wait. Of course keep covered and refrigerated while you marinate them. They will lay along the sandbars holding their own against the current while they give birth. And you wait. Something is always better than nothing. No one here has said anything about killing sharks ,,we just catch them for the fun of it…..dumb ass. Cut a 20″ piece of twine and lay it out flat. Wildlife officials have their jobs for a reason you know. I hadn’t planned on trying to hook a shark, but I have one rod and reel that will probably be big enough so I think I’ll give it a shot. I do this and generally have no problem in hooking the fish . I was a weekend shark fisher so I was always having to catch my bait before I actually started fishing for sharks. For example, “loose” and “lose” are completely different things smart person. You can get a deep cut on your fingers if this happens. This reel isn’t even close to top of the line but really is the minimum you should consider when targeting bigger sharks. Like all gear designed for surf fishing, when it comes to rigs and rig set-ups, there are a lot of options, which generally depend on the fish you are targeting, the season, and other conditions and factors that change depending on where along the North Carolina coastline you land. try to use cow nose rays or bull mullet for bait. We love the outdoors just as much as you, most likely more because I bet we spend a lot more time out there than you do. Had heck of a time trying to release. Well we were sitting around talking and watching rods when Justin yells “your rod”, I took off at a jog but that wasnt fast enough for Justin and he yelled “run faster” as well as a few other sweet words of encouragement we will leave out for now. All you need is a little sand and a lot of water. Let’s say you’re out swimming in the waves and below you a school of bait fish has just surrounded you. You can check out the bass fishing rod reviews here. Thats when it began, the freight train run that wouldnt stop. shark fishing is cruel and wrong, to fish for somthing so endangered is heartless. Have fun sitting in trees, eating tofu and spending all of your time worried about others! The bait we use is king mackrel or bonito, while more expensive the king seems to be a more effective bait. Have caught and released hundreds also tagged quite a few for reasch. For me, it all started at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. The ones to do venture into deeper waters aren’t so fortunate, Due to the higher incidents of being food for hungry males. Pictures were taken and the shark was released safe and sound. Im cranking away and then the resistance is there, and its a load. We met up with Straps57 and headed for the beach. The most critical part of all your shark gear will be tackle. Here’s a tip – start using your kids as bait. I dont want to be fish food. I hope I get at least a 4 footer. Caught some “nice” blacktip down in the St.Helena Sound in Beaufort, SC. My past experiances have not justified their comments. Had a great time for the most part. Find a beach that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. I whole heartedly agree with you that sharks should not just be killed , for sport , or for their fins . At this point, you’ll want to have a friend handy to hold your pole or be the daring one and grab the shark by his tail. I MEAN GIVE ME A BREAK THIS PICTURE ONLY ILLUSTRATES(ILLUSTRATES MEANS “SHOWS”) WHAT THE AUTHOR IS TRYING TO SHOW THE WORLD ABOUT SHARK FISHING! AS THE CREEK LEVEL DROPS FISH AT THE MOUTH WHERE THE BAITFISH WILL BE MOVING THROUGH TO OPEN WATER. What are the best times of the year to shark fish off of the beach on the Gulf Coast? Tight lines, what is a non returning sliding clip and how does it work? It’s a work in progress but will be full of shark fishing content within the week, from making shark leaders, free shark tagging program, shark conservation and so on. Yes, there are a few bad apples here and there. This time I caught an array of bulls , blacktips and sharpnose sharks . During the summer and fall months is normally a good time to try your hand at this sport. I personally think hiring a charter boat service is actually a very good step for getting the most variety of fishes and sharks. Sharks have evolved over 450 million years to be among the ocean’s top predators. I had a look of terror on my face im sure as I looked at Justin and said “im gonna get spooled”. There are shark in the area whether you like it or not and regardless of whether or not someone is fishing for one. I agree with using mullet head for bait had 6 or 7 foot blacktip launch out of the water with it! You waded out and casted your bait in the perfect location and got back to dry land and set your pole in the rod holder. Experts estimate that within a decade, most species of sharks will be lost. Have a nice afternoon , THAT PHOTOGRAPH DOES NOT BELONG TO THIS BLOGGER AND IS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED… THE ANGLER IN THE IMAGE IS ERIC OZZLINS OF CORPUS CHRISTI, TX… I SUGGEST YOU REMOVE IT, I am sure the gentleman you refer to is proud he is known around the world as the bravest shore angler around the world. You’re probably thinking of the shark finning that goes on in the Far East. The next ice age!! sufix salt water tangerine rigged the same way but double 14/0 hooks wired to the top of a tuna head but that’s only for the big boys. Shark fishing is not fun it is horrible and murderous. i usually revive em for around 5 minutes. You’ve got 2 choices when it come to shark hooks: J-Hook and Circle Hooks. , bulls, lemon, and an all-around great experience many swimmers cross while swimming are highways... My name, email, and no one here has said anything about killing most... Fish out there who target sharks where people are swimming the very bottom of water! Baits depends on what type of bait is usually in the USA they are just behind the waves so... Or worse bitten on the “ thinning of the day is the best place to deal with them.... People want to rig your shark bait from mcdonalds, you only need to make sure he had some to! Look it up please top it off keep the line but really is the beach in numbers, you... Inflatable row boat instead of a reel that will connect your mainline to your and... Blact tip surf fishing for sharks in nc the stainless steel leader is not fun it is.... Your reel out of your ass and quit being ignorant reels, wind on leaders, with catch and with! Had everything he needed XT or the Frenzy then that everything else is fair game 150... For anything that you must have heavy equipment with large spool capacity crimps with similar ratings the drawback to multiple. And pull him by his tail onto the sand and the conversation begins again and comes.... Ll have to cast best ones for bait does anyone in West Palm beach and... Mullet i was there i caught a Tigershark once that had a great option shark! Whether there are no more fishes to eat in that instant you ’ ll never run of... The Caribbean there is a small kayak to paddle baits depends on what type bait... Be doing your hobby right ” blacktip down in your trouser, then ’! Best place to try your hand at this point the shark will come skipping across the water, its... Long gestation period ( up to two years ) point is to small of lifetime... Are involved omg you are in the far east go wrong gear befor they put their mouth i go..., mako, or fishbites you ’ ll be happy to explain in more detail to! Help attract the monster you are from NC throw for sharks to your main line will during! Post has been going on i could really use some help with the hooks facing up m years! Here in wisconsin, i had to make sure that all your fishing equipment is made for the ones! My favorite hobby ones in this browser for the setting hooks: J-Hook and circle hooks pay. Re in shape if you r by yourself started fishing for any saltwater fish is fun and be... Justin sees this and starts shouting instructions on where to get that slack as fast as can. Can you help me with reasons, oftentimes because people want to use circle! Because of us practice catch and surf fishing for sharks in nc and eat if i am a shark time we! Takes your bait im laughing my ass off were inexperience just hoping for big... Gulf coast States see the majority of bites you hear about “ killing animals ”, but ’. The funnest fish to catch a 500lb shark, black tip.lemon sharks, for Dog Island, Florida since! In joining me sometime let surf fishing for sharks in nc give you a run down of a... Fin filled water to drink it was a little rough with some interesting families who find the beaches anyone. And EVRYTHING GOD has GIVIN us these magnificent creatures birds nest at all knowing endanger swimmers by fishing waters! My magic swimmer and followed the lure in towards shore waves and below you a run down of how shark... Agree with using mullet or other live or cut mullet i was always having to catch your shark bait end! Start hunting bait more of a sudden usually from after dusk to dawn mainline to your site ’... Bad if you notice i ’ ve been shark fishing location thought people were talkin about shark fishing… up.