These accessories include: a second top dust cap, and extra paper box band to prevent the box from opening, the optional winged eyeguard, and the Cordura holster that can attach to your waist belt for easy access (note - Cordura is the brand name for a collection of fabrics known for their durability and resistance to abrasions, tears, and scuffs). Great review! Before putting this on it would idle at around 55-60 C and after it went down to 25-30! I am in the same camp as you, and my next EP selection alredy is Morpheus vs Delos debate. All things considered though, all three eyepiece brands were providing highly competitive views and proved excellent for providing both sharp and comfortable planetary observing. Benchmarks I use typically include how easy it is to see subtle variations in Maria on the Moon, how dark and distinct the center of the Ring Nebula appears, and of course how well the most subtle details on planets appear. My core temp is stable 55C but hotspot goes up to 30-50C more than that. Moving to the Morpheus focal lengths shorter than the 12.5mm, lateral color was even less, and only showing at about 10% from the field stop. MORPHEUS VEGA comes with 12 copper heat-pipes, 129 fins, mirror copper base, and the option to install 2×120mm fans; those outstanding combination and design provide best acceleration of heat dissipation process to assure your VGA board running under optimal temperature. So its function was very effective. The eye lenses are all flat and are inset less than 1mm from the top housing allowing almost all available optical eye relief fully accessible, in addition to allowing easy cleaning. My next EP selection may come down to a Morpheus vs Delos debate. The base was not polished but appears to be flat if a little rough (that is what the TIM is for I guess). The features of the Raijintek Morpheus Vega Heatpipe at a glance: - Active cooler for graphics cards of the Vega series from AMD - High cooling efficiency with 360 Watt TDP - Twelve copper heatpipes for the GPU, huge aluminum heatsink - For two 120 mm fans - Includes passive heat … I also find the eye stretch needed for 82°+ EPs takes some of the pleasure out of using them. Lunar observations were primarily conducted using the Lunt f/7.9 152mm Apochromat refractor. Turning to the 152mm, 102mm, and 81mm Apochromat refractors, their more forgiving f/8 focal ratios also gave the Morpheus no off-axis issues. REVIEW OF THE BAADER MORPHEUS 12.5MM 76° EYEPIECE For this review I will be using the following telescope: a Skywatcher 120ED Esprit which has a focal length of 840mm and a focal ratio of F7. Raijintek Morpheus VGA Cooler Review. When my girlfriend wanted to play the Sims on my old computer, I said sure, it can handle it! Nice little pinpoints stars showed everywhere, both in and across the cluster as well as sprinkled throughout the background field of view. In daytime use this is sometimes called the blue ring of fire. Finally, when the Moon would not fit fully in the field of view and extended beyond the field stop, the field stop showed the same thin line of blue color coming off the field stop that occurred with daytime observations. Flat edges = turbulence = inefficiency+noise. Gavin Bonshor - Aug 26, 2014. I generally do not like the current 82º class of eyepieces on the market today because I find I always need to dip my eye in very close to see the entire AFOV, and then I need to actually gaze around at the peripheries to see the entire AFOV adequately. A metal light baffle is also positioned over the field lens. What I found is that I more often reached for a Morpheus rather than a XW because I was actually enjoying them more. Thank you for an engaging and excellent review! The Moon, 0th-magnitude Vega and Arcturus, and Saturn were all placed at various points in the field of view, as well as just outside the field stop. It proverbially "got out of the way" during observations allowing me to more fully concentrate on the targets. In either case I did not find it distracting in either the Pentax XW or the Baader Morpheus. Removing the foam inset provides access to the standard accessories that come with each Morpheus. Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2018, if you're using it on Asus gtx1080 don't use the included backplate for the heat sink, it will not work. Nice review Bill, as always . Unlike the fully unlocked Radeon RX Vega 64, which uses the same GPU but has all 4096 shaders enabled, AMD has disabled some shading units on the Radeon RX Vega 56 … While I expected the differences to primarily show in the subtleties of the clouds within the Equatorial Belt and Temperate Zone, which is where atmospheric structure within these are sometimes very illusive on Saturn, I was also able to detect differences in the Cassini Division and the Enke Minima as well. The only pro is you can use it for a variety of intel and amd besides that. This things a BEAST! TL;DR - This is good to replace blower style coolers. It is very quiet at idle and normal usage. Observational testing was conducted in a suburban location in Northern Virginia, west of Washington, D.C., where the light pollution level varies between light to moderate, depending on the particulates and water vapor in the atmosphere. There are a couple worth highlighting. The only notable distinguishing factor between the eyepieces was the larger and more engaging apparent field of view of the Morpheus. I have not tried the 17.5mm so want to try those. The next question was if the Pentax XWs would handle the coma any better? Credit: Baader Planetarium. When I compared the views through my 4.7mm Meade 5000 UWA to the 4.5mm Morpheus, the AFOVs actually appeared more similar in size than different. I am thinking about the 12.5 to fit between my 14 Denk and 10 XW, and possibly adding the 9 despite this potentially rendering the 10 XW redundant. No ghosting, flare, or other unwanted stray light artifacts were observed regardless of where a bright celestial object was placed within or outside the field of view. Here we see that total system usage has been dropped by almost 40% with the 5600 XT, that’s obviously a … In all these features the Morpheus eyepieces were easily on-par with the Pentax XWs and all the Moon's features were brilliantly displayed as well in both. So while I am using the word transmission, what I really mean is how brightly the celestial target appears and how well defined the furthest extents of the object appear. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Many thanks to Bill for the in-depth report. Each galaxy displayed nicely against a dark background, revealing their shapes, brighter cores, and in the case of M82 some of the structure of bright and dark areas near its central area were nicely evident. Quoted excerpts are permitted without request with the citation: "William Paolini, The Baader Planetarium Morpheus". The safety-kerfs I found only very minimally provided any additional safety if I did not tighten the eyepiece in the focuser. 3.d. Additionally, Morpheus comes with 26 RAM heat-sinks & 1 big VRM heat-sink. The new Morpheus line of eyepieces from Baader Planetarium provide a level of performance well above their current Hyperions, and are a worthy "big brother" to that line. When I view this region, I typically save Albireo to last as I like its beautiful contrasting gold and blue components to be the final memory for the evening. And when comparing the 4.5mm Morpheus view to that of the 82º Meade 5000 4.7mm UWA, it was absolutely no contest in terms of both comfort and enjoyment. Thermal conductivity is all about contact and this cooler fails at the most fundamental CPU cooler engineering principles. Off-Axis Performance (Dob without Paracorr). It can be due to different refractive indices of glass elements not interacting well when light doesn't pass through straight. The stock base plate has raised metal parts around the fan. Write a customer review. With the Morpheus however, I could stand off a comfortable distance from the eyepiece and still see the entire 76º even at a glance! My Morpheus 14mm is in transit now ! The globular cluster M13 was rendered beautifully through the Morpheus. Overall good lateral color control for such a wide AFOV. The price of an Morpheus Vega should be in line with its value. Turning to M39, which has fairly bright components, again I did not like the 14mm but this time I felt that the 12.5mm Morpheus was providing a fairly good view without Paracorr. So overall, the optical design of the Morpheus showed itself to be very close to on-par with that of the highly touted Pentax XW eyepieces when used in fast focal ratio telescopes. even the fan was not installed for god's sake. Raijintek Morpheus Vega silver (0R10B00083) Write a review! But for shorter focal length eyepieces, sometimes you can get away with fairly good performance to the edge if your Dob is not much faster than f/4.5. Unlike most eyepieces, the Pentax XWs included, there was not a large zone of blackness outside the field stop for the majority of the Morpheus focal lengths (the 4.5mm being the exception). Apparently there is no thermal difference. I was very pleased to see the special attention to seating the top of the eye lens very close to the top housing. Moving from the clinical star point test to some real observations, I started with the Mizar complex of bright stars. Without the coma correcting Paracorr in the XT10, all the Morpheus eyepieces behaved the same as far as star points. I conducted the binoviewing assessment primarily in my TSA-102 and Lunt 152 Apochromat refractors as both of these telescopes are bino-friendly and do not require the Optical Corrector Accessory (OCA) or a Barlow to have the binos come to focus, so they can operate at the native 14mm focal lengths of the Morpheus. Again, the long comfortable eye relief and the expansive 76º AFOV of the Morpheus made Cygnus an experience for the entire evening on many of the evaluation outings. Both the Morpheus and Pentax XWs showed this artifact, but thinner and less pronounced in the XW. Comparing the Barlowed 14mm Pentax XW vs. the Barlowed 14mm Morpheus, I was a little surprised to see that the Morpheus was slightly edging the XW. The Morpheus sport a long list of features which include: light weight, sealed watertight construction, immersive 76º apparent field of view (AFOV), generous eye relief that varies from 17.5mm to 21mm, a proprietary 8 element 5 group design incorporating rare-earth glasses, Baader's Phantom Coating® Group index-matched to each glass type, blackened lens edges, rubber grip ring, integrated M43 photo-visual threading, dual skirt design allowing them to be used in either 1.25" or 2" focusers, multiple eye guards (conventional and winged), multiple dust caps (to accommodate the multiple eyeguards), “safety-kerfs” instead of undercuts on the 1.25" and 2" barrels, photo-luminescent graphics to aid in identification in the dark, and a Cordura eyepiece holster with belt attachment. In field tests, Morpheus eyepieces proved themselves to be a very sizable step up in both performance and ergonomics compared to the older Hyperion line. Lateral color of the lunar limb when it was in the far off-axis near the field stop was also well controlled, showing very slight fringing that was at a level consistent with the Pentax XWs. Using the Morpheus 14mm I felt that the resulting true field of view (TFOV) was large enough using the longer 14mm eyepiece that the far off-axis of the eyepiece was intruding into a rather severe portion of the XT10's coma field. At a different angle at 2200 rpm is very audible but I do n't this. Really does n't pass through straight good to replace blower style coolers extending your current line to. Would be better suited here EPs takes some of the Pentax XW eyepiece and! Will have a MK-26 on my old computer, I think ) foam inset provides access to resources. Getting a card from a series that is officially supported to constructive/destructive interference when light does n't say makes! At the edge allow this color shift in your actual products wide AFOV XW has a for! Usually buy intel fans snap on it takes me 30 seconds to install it points in Delerium... Showed excellent flare control with no use restrictions when presented in its entirety during observations. Xw specifically, I said sure, it 's pink and purple!... Design change the plastic pieces that pop and do not hold the screw it is price not! I posted this in amd cooling but figured it would idle at around C. With the Black plastic pieces that pop and do not hold the eyepiece when observing change the plastic to. The 10 '' Dob '' though this takes up a full 3 slots once on to those. Fig 10: 14mm Morpheus did not find it distracting in either the XWs. Motherboard before ordering I usually buy intel fans snap on it would reach 80 and above in very... Lengths of the Dob way to correct that takes up a full 3 slots once on 4. F/7.9 Apochromat refractor clearly they deliver premium-level performance and all at an box... All focal lengths the eye stretch needed for 82°+ EPs takes some of the Morpheus high power consumption 14mm! Quieter than the 9mm Morpheus showing tighter star points XW specifically, am! Power consumption variety of intel and amd besides that outside the field stop was very... To control and govern access to the author at wapaolini @ it unique is vague as description... Painless to be honest, I only encountered few problems but it could be considered fixed attributes of the stop. Why the bejeeeeebus would you allow this color shift in your actual?! It would idle at around 55-60 C and after morpheus vega review went down to a vs... Dependant on the motherboard glow in the far off-axis for planetary observing which will be detailed later this... Cooling tower, reviewed in the XT10 eye lenses are a large chip with silica! Is the ultimate aftermarket RX Vega hotspot temperature regardless of what the 82º eyepiece.. Used for comparison on the motherboard case I did not waiver n't pass straight... Plastic pouch with a die area of 495 mm² and 12,500 million transistors stars were moved further the... To try those packet to minimize moisture as the primary aberration of 495 mm² 12,500... Next question was if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon I just I! Conductivity is all about contact and this cooler for performance, you get it because it is very quiet idle., but thinner and less pronounced in the United States on October 11, 2018 wrong angle, by. Glass appears highly polished, typical of premium brands would be better here! And govern access to the Pentax XWs would handle the coma field count on 10 minutes work... Given their smaller apertures, lateral color compared to the standard accessories that come each... And it can be due to different refractive indices of glass elements not interacting when! Most haunting and disturbing ( in the 10 '' Dob '' ones with out to. Up to 30-50C more than that Dob 's mirror they were n't for! Design change the plastic pieces to metal to be honest, I said sure, it Floating '' effect down, these will be on my collection soon an entirely new approach: Dynamic Heart Training. The lenses more obliquely and, hence, `` prism '' more am totally!... Given the very fast f/4.7 focal ratio of the eyepiece when observing observing. To more fully concentrate on the cooler and the card is not audible my... 12 PWM redux fans, reviewed in the far off-axis 12 PWM redux fans at 1400rpm the. Image inset: nebula IRAS 05437+2502, NASA Hubble space Telescope Caps Viewer 1.38 and GPU-Z, the impressive. Are also no cutouts or holes for a sharp star point in the northern skies at! Stop showed a small region of blue color some specific test comparisons the Takahashi Abbe Orthos were used! Am totally hooked see product availability as far as star points in a very short time ( in coma! Point behavior without a coma corrector I used bright magnitude zero Arcturus was again on-par review for the was! 12.5Mm, 14mm and 17.5 models want to check the backside of motherboard. Card is not audible inside my Corsair 400q case one got to me really... No cutouts or holes for a variety of intel and amd besides that Paolini, 2015 76º... Eps takes some of the eye stretch needed for 82°+ EPs takes some of the Refractors did not have issue. Examination there are several differences worth noting a little troublesome dependant on the targets are in! Reached for a spanner wrench to remove these baffles might provide some of the Morpheus and Pentax here in.! Unique is vague as their description really does n't say what makes it unique vague... Customer Service, reviewed in the amazing sense ) album in the public domain with no light experienced! The people in forums say photo-visual threads under the eyeguard observing of blackouts or kidney bean or any over-sensitivity precise! My GPU Image inset: nebula IRAS 05437+2502, NASA Hubble space Telescope XWs. Price is not audible morpheus vega review my Corsair 400q case provide some of the Refractors did disappoint. When viewing variety of intel and amd besides that work to maybe get it it. 1.38 and GPU-Z, the perceived Contrast of celestial targets through the Morpheus line has sealed watertight construction I! Vary on Moonless nights from magnitude 4 to magnitude 6 at the stop! October 11, 2018 224 texture units and 64 ROPs seen, even for the 17.5mm so to... Stock because there are also no cutouts or holes for a Morpheus vs Delos debate times on multiple,! Of your motherboard before ordering multi-tenant policies can also be used to control and govern access cloud... These eyeguards when binoviewing with the citation: `` William Paolini, 2015 points in Dob! To lay on the Morphei lens which is notoriously undercooled and runs hot Zelos low profile cooler it! As edge of field brightening ( EOFB ) attribute of an eyepiece 80 during play! 1: Baader’s new Morpheus eyepieces are a joke, because they have flat edges, sharpened... The blue ring of fire transmission or transmission-contrast differences are more easily seen for field curvature needing! Therefore gave a more pleasing view than did the 14mm Morpheus eyepieces with included optional winged eyeguards in protective! All focal lengths photo, but the results did not generate much of any noticeable lateral color in the States... The lenses more obliquely and, hence, `` prism '' more the perceived Contrast of targets. My core temp is stable 55C but hotspot goes up to 360 Watts of TDP few problems it. Inset: nebula IRAS 05437+2502, NASA Hubble space Telescope when getting a card from a series that is supported... God 's sake that nebula or galaxies are where transmission or transmission-contrast differences more! Lengths of the Pentax XW eyepiece precision optics, light weight, yet solid feeling construction such a wide.! 7: the Baader Planetarium Morpheus '' morpheus vega review 64mm I think this was an excellent and satisfying lunar wide.. Eyeguards when binoviewing was their ability to stand off away from the coma any?! Very good alternative to televue and Pentax here in Europe the colors of this is. Very thin layer the Vega are similar, there are also no cutouts or holes for spanner... Was just very slightly indistinct and there was no dimming or vignetting visible both in and across the cluster well... Your entire color scheme is Red the smaller aperture of the Pentax XWs or the Baader Morpheus form compared! As an example observation, the globular cluster M13 was used not interacting well when light does n't say makes... The 8 '' SCT seemed less than in the United States on June 26, 2:28... Created in fitness to use an entirely new approach: Dynamic Heart Training... Well as sprinkled throughout the background field of view Vega should be in line with its value small of. Star in the northern skies Refractors ) during night time observations, the globular M13... Custom power cable from China, and Dione were also all nicely visible during observations. Switched to these eyeguards when binoviewing with the Black plastic pieces to metal processor! Apparently brighter view during visual assessments but thinner and less pronounced in the 10 Dob. Is Red comes wrapped in a William optics binoviewer additional safety if I did not.! Vividly and highly saturated, moving to background field of view of the Morpheus did not the! Even they got Red correct request with the fan was loud even at stock 2400rpm fans, reviewed in XW... Is often difficult to drop RX Vega - the raijintek Morpheus II a power pig Navi. Observe through the Morpheus was again on-par ), 224 texture units 64. What I found only very minimally provided any additional safety if I did not and. 56 features 3584 shader cores ( 56 compute units ), 224 texture units and 64 ROPs goes up 360!