ISBN-13: 9780345457370 Summary In memories that rise like wisps of ghosts, LuLing Young searches for the name of her mother, the daughter of the Famous Bonesetter from the Mouth of the Mountain. Precious Auntie couldn't talk, so she had to use other ways to communicate with others. 1-65 The book, Bonesetter's Daughter tells a story of generations of bonesetters. The Bonesetter's Daughter is divided into two major stories. 15th May 2017 English Literature Reference this Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. Amy Tan uses ghosts in her novel The Bonesetter’s Daughter a medium or withholding the values of the characters’ culture of origin, such as prudence and sacrifice, and how these qualities make a person strong and able to withstand whatever obstacles life has for them. The Bonesetter's Daughter, an sweeping novel that takes a reader from California to prerevolutionary China and back again, is the second of Tan's books that I have read this year. Like much of Tan's work, this book deals with the relationship between an American-born Chinese woman and her immigrant mother. Foreshadowing is one reoccurring literary element in The Bonesetter's Daughter. Two writers fill the pages of Amy Tan’s latest novel, The Bonesetter’s Daughter. Throughout the story there are flashbacks to when Ruth was younger, LuLing was younger, and to when Precious Auntie was alive. 2066 words (8 pages) Essay. The Bonesetter's Daughter, published in 2003, is Amy Tan's fourth novel. . Analysis‎ > ‎ Pgs. The Bonesetter's Daughter | Character Analysis. Amy Tan uses ghosts in her novel The Pinsetter's Daughter a medium for withholding the values of the characters' culture of origin, such as reduce and sacrifice, and how these qualities make a person strong and able to withstand veteran obstacles life has for them. The first and most talented is LuLing, an 82-year-old Chinese woman who, in a tragically beautiful narrative, tells the story of her life before she emigrated to the United States following World War Two. The Bonesetter’s Daughter focuses on ghostwriter Ruth Young, her present life with an almost invisible lover, and the ongoing struggle with her mercurial Chinese mother, LuLing. In Chinese folktale, the monkey represents a character who is extremely quick to act and often as a result seen as very foolish. The Bonesetter's Daughter Amy Tan, 2001 Random House 400 pp. All throughout the story of The Bonesetter's Daughter , the most used literary element is irony.At the beginning of chapter 1, the reader is introduced to the family name, which is Bonesetters. This is often constantly used as an insult in the The Bonesetter’s Daughter. This is important to the novel because it gives the reader needed background knowledge. An other aspect I would like to highlight is the constant use of the monkey as an insult. Luling is a child at the time period, and she is with Precious Auntie; who could be either her mother, aunt, or … In the beginning of the story, LuLing, as a young girl, describes her relationship with her nursemaid, Precious Auntie.

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