PROfur uses our knowledge and experience to bring comprehensive coverage to you. Select the plan level and coverage that fits your budget. Petsecure. Help keep yours healthy and safe with our flexible Pet Insurance coverage and leading Lost Pet Services. Insures your electronic equipment (or your electrical panel, wiring, air conditioner) against damage from electrical disturbances (like power surges and brown outs) and mechanical breakdown, and more importantly, it covers the lost profit and necessary ongoing expenses (like your salary) if you’re closed due to the equipment breakdown. Once you've decided on the best coverage for your pet sitting services, you will need to review different insurance policies to determine which providers offer the best deal. Request a Quote or. You can read our Peppermint Policy Wordings. What is pet insurance? These 2 benefits help to pay for expenses incurred for you to establish the amount of your loss after a claim and to prepare the Proof of Loss form that you’re required to submit before a claim can be paid. Broad, multi-peril coverage is provided – in other words, the policy protects you against a wide variety of things that could damage your property such as fire, theft, vandalism and sewer backup among others. With over 40 years experience, Petplan Canada offers care, support and value. Covers reasonable expenses incurred to remove pets from your premises in the event of an emergency to protect them from further harm (i.e. Trupanion Canada has been providing pet insurance to Canadians since 2000, and according to their website, insures more pets than any other company. KRS provides specialized business insurance for Canadian Beauty Care Professionals and Pet Care Professionals in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island. Canada’s First Specialized Insurance Provider for Pet Care Professionals Pet care is a specialized business – and so are we! Breeding (limited) Training (limited). If you provide pet sitter insurance, including care/custody/control, and would like to be listed, please send us an email. Deductibles may apply to some of the listed coverages. Trupanion pet insurance has one simple plan that covers 90% of veterinary costs with no payout limits. Pet transport, temporary daycare or another boarding facility). In Canada, PROfur Pet Sitting Insurance and Canadian Pet Pro are two main insurance … Note that this coverage is automatically included on some policies. When looking at the Trupanion coverage, one of the first things that stands out is the fact that they don’t … Even if you currently have pet insurance, it’s always helpful to see if there’s a better option at a more affordable premium! We’ll put it in your file and process it! To make a claim, contact Pets Plus Us ® at 1-800-364-8422 . ©2019 All Rights Reserved / PROfur is a trademark of KRS Insurance Brokers Inc. and is used under license. Protects against lawsuits alleging your service or advice caused injury or loss to a pet. We can help with that. With a good pet insurance policy, your insurer covers the associated expenses if your pet becomes sick or gets injured, and you won't have to worry about vet bills again. Dog insurance provides you with the peace of mind that your pet is protected should the unexpected happen. Simple, Fair Coverage –Our coverage is straightforward, simple to understand, and fair: even genetic conditions are covered as long as they did not begin prior to your coverage taking effect. For example, this is designed to defend you if you are sued for negligence after a customer slips and falls in your boarding facility, or if something were to fall and injure a pet in your care. Petline Insurance Company (registration number 1162197215) is licensed to sell property insurance and is registered with Autorité des marches financiers to offer Property and Casualty insurance. by Professional United Pet Sitters LLC The following companies are known to provide quality pet sitting insurance to individual pet sitters as well as professional pet sitting businesses. All pet insurance plans have limitations and exclusions. Pet Insurance for Hudson's Bay customers offers you a way to provide the very best health care for your cherished pet. Protects against accidental injury to others, including pets, or accidental property damage. Specific products, features, rates, and discounts may vary by province/territory, eligibility, and are subject to change. Pet insurance is similar to travel insurance or automobile insurance: you pay an annual premium in exchange for coverage in case something goes wrong. It's peace of mind for your pet's well being! It is designed to maximize your protection by covering gaps that often arise unpredictably after a claim. Get a pet health insurance quote today for your dog, cat, puppy, or kitten. In Canada, pet insurance assists in the coverage of pet-related medical costs. For example, if your boarding facility suffers extensive damage after a fire and you’re closed for 3 months, this coverage can be used to cover the costs of relocating your business and advertising to let your customers know where to find you. In many of these cases, pet insurance can make all the difference in the type of care provided to the pet. You will likely need to hire an accountant to establish how much profit was lost while you are closed before you can be reimbursed by the insurance company. Managing a lot of pets with many different breeds and varying degrees of behavior in one place at a time requires specific knowledge. Rated Best Pet Insurance in 2017, 2018, 2019 and Best Technology in 2020 by Pet Essentials at your Fingertips. For example, if your boarding facility suffers extensive water damage after a storm and you’re closed for 2 months while it’s repaired, the policy will reimburse you for the profit you’ve lost and it will pay for necessary operating expenses that continue even while you’re closed, such as your salary and loan payments. CAA Pet Insurance is underwritten by Petline Insurance Company. and our goal is to make using your insurance just as stress-free. If you provide more than one service, visit the Multi-Service Pet Care page. Another option for pet insurance for dogs and cats is Petsecure.The company offers up to 80 percent coverage for treatments, exam fees, and medical care, as well as preventative care options and alternative therapy coverage. Follow a few simple steps and you’re on your way to getting reimbursed for your claim: If you’re a pet owner, you know the drill – accidents and illnesses will happen, and usually when you’re least prepared to deal with them. The plan provides excellent coverage for business liability including pets in your care and fidelity bonding. Allows you to post a reward for the safe return, or for information leading to the safe return of a customer’s pet that has escaped or been stolen from your care. Do you run a pet boarding facility, board a few pets in your home, or offer dog or cat boarding as one of your pet care services? Pet insurance is a healthcare policy for your pet. PROfur is a specialty insurance policy for pet care professionals in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island. Call Us 3 Reasons to Choose CAA Pet Health Insurance. Read thousands of reviews for Petplan Pet Insurance. Regardless of the policy, insurance plans should include coverage over accidents, illnesses, diagnostic tests, hospitalization, emergency care, prescriptions, and surgery. We offer a variety of insurance options to suit your dog-related business needs with affordable pricing. Get insurance for your pets and make sure that they will be well-covered in case of injury or illness. Welcome to PeppermintTM — insurance for your pets, Information for customers regarding COVID-19, Including medication, diagnostics, x-rays, hospitalization, surgery, and more, This includes alternative treatments like acupuncture and massage, plus behavioural therapy and medical devices, Boarding/kennel fees, cremation or burial costs, lost pet advertising, in memoriam donations, and more. Get a free quote from our calculator today or call us at 866-725-2747. The best way to expect the unexpected is with pet insurance. Without needed liability coverage, sitters are taking a huge risk. And that means you can get back to playtime and cuddle time in no time. Pets Plus Us Pet Insurance is available in all provinces and territories. Contact your local agent today for more information. With Pet Insurance for Hudson's Bay customers, you'll be reimbursed for up to 80% of the cost of care and veterinary services. If you're desperate for some peace of mind, these insurance packages may be just the thing for you. If your pet is on the top of your priority list, you may want to consider investing in some of Canada's best pet insurance. Whether you run a dog walking business, a pet sitter, a doggie daycare or a kennel, KennelPro understands that comprehensive insurance coverage is key. We have customized the PRO fur insurance policy from the ground up so that it really does a complete job of covering pet care businesses. *Before your pet is covered, there is a 48-hour waiting period for accidents and a 14-day waiting period for illnesses. The cost of pet insurance in Canada can vary by company, location and the type of services offered and requested. Sign in to the customer portal to download your customized claim form or download a generic form here. Including: Emergency Vet Expenses, Loss by Theft or Runaway, or Death. We provide expert advice and help you save money on a wide range of Insurance products to keep your family, home and car safe. Medical conditions that are noted, symptomatic or diagnosed prior to enrollment or during a waiting period are pre-existing to Coverage and not eligible for reimbursement. Contact the companies directly for more details. The special all-risk protection is to give the best overall coverage at the most competitive rates. For example – your business is shut down for a month to clean up after the sewer backs up into your daycare after a storm. You can find out more info about the coverage at to help determine if it’d be beneficial for you. PROfur can help you protect your business and your furry friends with a policy that’s customized to protect pet boarding operations. Peppermint can help with a range of refreshingly simple options that will meet Many commercial leases require you to carry this coverage. Pet Insurance. Coverage is also included for extra expenses you incur to avoid or minimize the interruption of business after a claim. Pet insurance is common practice among pet owners in Europe and is slowly gaining popularity in Canada. All coverage described in this website is subject to the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions contained in our Policy Wordings . Our customer care advocates are available to answer your questions, Monday – Thursday 7:00AM – 9:00PM CST. It also requires specialized boarding insurance to protect you against the liability of accidental injury or loss of the pets themselves while they’re in your care, or for your professional liability should you provide pet care instruction or advice to your clients. ... Peppermint is available to residents of Canada, and provides coverage to eligible pets. Grooming. Our detailed plans are specifically tailored to suit the services you provide, and we make it easy for you get a customized, comprehensive and cost-effective PROfur insurance policy that covers liability, care of animals and property. This feature has the unique benefit of not requiring you to be sued in order to use the coverage. A healthy pet is a happy pet. Canada's largest and most-trusted pet insurance company, Petsecure offers comprehensive coverage, including preventive care coverage. Protects against accidental injury to others, including pets, or accidental property damage. This is a package of various coverages included on all PROfur Masterplan policies. advertising, travel, pet transport, veterinary services). We compare the top 5 pet insurance companies to see which will give you the best value for your money – and take the best care of your furry friend. The Kennel Pak, Inc.® insurance program was developed to protect commercial kennels, groomers, and veterinarians from the cost of public and professional liability. As the Canadian pet insurance industry grows, more coverage options are becoming available for pet owners. Dog Business Insurance. Dog Grooming Insurance & Cat Grooming Insurance,, Indoor / outdoor play areas, runs & suites, “At home” care for those pets who may go home with you or your employees for some TLC, Dog walking for exercise & washroom breaks, Pickup & drop-off services (pet taxi) – dogs are covered while in the vehicle (this policy does not cover the vehicle itself – you still need your auto insurance policy), Administering medication as directed by the pet owner or vet, Dogs must have curent vaccinations for rabies and DHPP, Cats must have current vaccinations for rabies and FVRCP, Maximum of 15 dogs together per supervising attendant, Maximum number of pets must not exceed the number permitted by your business license (if you’re required to be licensed) or local by-laws (if any apply), Dogs can only be off-leash outdoors if they are in a securely fenced yard or sanctioned public off-leash area, Keep a record of any behaviour and medical issues declared by each pet owner, Use a consent or waiver form with each pet owner. Introducing your Figo Pet Cloud: From insurance to play dates and everything in between, an app that makes pet parenting a breeze. Totten's Kennel Operator Package is designed specifically for kennel operators across Canada, including: Boarding. All coverage described in this website is subject to the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions contained in our Policy Wordings. The policy also insures pets while they are being transported in your care (i.e. Protecting Your Pet From the Unexpected Studies show you're twice as likely to claim on a pet insurance policy than on home or auto insurance. The best way to expect the unexpected is with pet insurance. Canada’s oldest and largest pet health insurance provider, Petsecure offers easy-to-understand coverage and deductible options, making it easy for pet owners to customize a plan that meets their needs. The average premium for pet insurance in Canada is $29 a month for a cat and $39 a month for a dog. Pets Plus Us®, Pets Plus Us & Design and related words and logos are trademarks and the property of PTZ Insurance Services Ltd. Want to learn more about leading-edge pet insurance? Pet insurance policies are underwritten by Petline Insurance Company. Members save up to 20% on Award Winning Home Insurance, Optional Car Insurance and on the #1 Travel Insurance in BC. Visit your veterinarian as usual, pay the bill, and ask the vet to complete and sign the claim form. Find out about the plans and get a quote. Interested in the fine print? Covers reasonable expenses incurred to find or attempt to find a pet that has escaped or been stolen (i.e. AKC Pet Insurance offers pet health insurance to both cats and dogs of all ages and breeds. When you love your pet as much as you do, veterinary care isn’t optional — especially when you’re dealing with an illness or accident. Our veterinary pet insurance can even pay the bill in minutes so you aren’t waiting for a reimbursement check. Allows you to make the best of a bad situation by being able to cover unexpected expenses incurred to care for pets injured or lost while in your care. Pets Plus Us makes choosing a pet insurance plan easy and makes it affordable. Pet insurance takes the financial stress out of your vet bills Should your dog need emergency veterinary care following an accident, or require treatment for an illness or health problem, dog health insurance helps cover the cost of your vet bills, so you can rest assured your dog can receive the best possible care. For example, this is designed to defend you if you are sued for negligence after a customer slips and falls in your boarding facility, or if something were to fall and injure a pet … In fact, with every dog and cat adoption, you get a complimentary six-week trial of pet health insurance provided by Petsecure Pet Health Insurance.. With pet health insurance, you can lower the stress of paying for large, unexpected or unplanned expenses with a monthly premium. *excluding choker collars, products repackaged or re-labeled by you, hardware or food/treats that are manufactured or modified by you. Send the email to Includes replacement cost coverage for tools, equipment and stock owned by your business while it is on the premises of your business, plus any renovations or leasehold improvements you are responsible for. Established in 1989, Petsecure pet insurance is the flagship brand for Petline Insurance Company. Protect your faithful friend with Desjardins Insurance pet insurance. Chat with one of our experienced insurance advisor experts today. Choose the pet insurance plan that best suits your budget and the needs of your dog or cat. Pet Sitter Insurance Providers . ® CAA trademarks owned by, and use is authorized by, the Canadian Automobile Association. Pet owner, Jackie Culley said that when she had her bulldog, named Nugget, pet insurance was a lifesaver. your needs and fit your budget. OVMA Pet Health Insurance is available to residents of Canada. CAA Members now have access to an exclusive pet insurance program that will cover your cats and dogs against illnesses and accidents. **All coverages are subject to the limits of insurance purchased and the usual Terms, Conditions, Exclusions and Warranties of the underwriter, Intact Insurance. Flex Care is available in all provinces and territories in Canada, excluding Quebec. Pet Insurance in Canada. If you have to take them to the vet; if you offer pickup or drop-off service). More detailed coverage information will be provided with your quote. After your payment is processed, your pet will be insured (waiting periods for illnesses and accidents apply). Whether it’s a brand new puppy or kitten, or a loyal companion who's stood by your side for years, our pets are a part of the family and we want to treat them that way, ensuring they are healthy and happy. Covers lost profit and pays for necessary ongoing expenses if your boarding business is interrupted or closed due to a property damage claim. or call 855-367-0470 now to speak with our pet insurance experts and receive your quote right over the phone in minutes. OVMA Pet Health Insurance is underwritten by Petline Insurance Company. Our Canadian Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Insurance Plan has been tailored specifically with the needs of you sitters and walkers in mind. Pet owners may also opt for medical device coverage. Yes, the BC SPCA recommends pet insurance.

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