For years we’ve heard the standard bar length for a verse is 16 bars, especially in rap music. Keep that freedom and creativity flowing. Should a verse be a certain number of bars or measures? For example, a 2 verse song might have 24 bar verses whereas a 3 verse version of that song might have 16 bar verses. Some beats have intro’s and some don’t. Hopefully these help you get started in writing some dopeness. The ability to break the rules of flow and rhyme for creative purpose without losing the effect of both devices. And if you want to make something dope, there are a few tips to go know. “I ain’t a killer, but don’t push me. Ideally, a 16-bar cut should be 30-45 seconds in length; one minute is maximum. And in most cases, what you described as a bar covers 4 beats of music (1 bar) so both would be right. But one of the best ways is SCATTING. There are many factors that should determine the length of a verse in a song. I can’t wait to hear it. By clicking “Create Account”, you are indicating that you have read and agree to the Terms of Service. And, that’s a good thing. Don't get this confused, though…not every song sticks to the 16… In a rap song, one line is considered a bar. There are endless ways to come up with raps. If you are a rapper, singer or even a producer/beat maker you have probably pondered the question: How many bars in a verse? You mainly want to do your audio mixing for your vocals and import your own rap beats. So in time, the typical "16 bar" format was created. It comes down to numerous factors and all of these factors are important when determining how many bars in a verse to use. Everything else is an unstressed syllable. But then you do this a bunch of times and then try to create lines around those rhyme schemes. I would probably do 3 12-bar verses or 2 16-bar (or longer) verses. You need to make sure your section makes sense musically and lyrically--you don't want to stop mid-word because you reached the 16 bar "limit". You will understand the basic skeleton for writing raps in this post, and then move on to create your own styles. Very few songs begin with rapping. The best way to do this is to say gibberish. In fact, another term for a Bar is a “measure”. The idea of scatting out your rhythms is super easy, but requires understand of stressed and unstressed syllables, again. Just like the intro, except concluding the song at the end. Verses in rap are usually 16 bars in length. The significance of 16 bars in rap music is that 16 bars means 16 lines and the average verse in a rap song in 16 lines long. The ability to express ideas and lyrics in original ways while avoiding cliches. Because you will learn how to flow like the greatest rapper of all time. 16. 40 bars =80 sec. Normally, when the tempo is on the slower side, then there might be less bars in the verses than if the tempo was at a normal or fast pace. The ability to use wordplay in an effective way to get across a point in an interesting form. Most rap verses have 16 bars, which generally means you have 2 rhymes per bar (length of each verse Cruel Summer's "The Morning") If you are collaborating with someone, be sure to ask how many bars they want. I would probably do 3 12-bar verses or 2 16-bar (or longer) verses. Sure, this is a good standard for the average rap song, but I think a lot of this was just people copying each other or just going along with the trend. There are a variety of ways to find patterns and flows for your song. So, if you said "I'm the illest rapper alive. That's usually one bar. 1-2-3-4 beats are repetitive. This can come down the gear you have and the space you have to record. When trying to figure out how many bars in a verse is a good fit or not, there really isn’t a set standard answer. As you flow in the vision for the track, consider these next few factors. This will be your second bar. Each second, 1-2-3-4 is a beat. BUT, I still say it's the lazy rappers way out of putting thought into their words. Let your vision for the song unfold and see where you are at time wise. Most rappers don’t know how to make beats and are not beat creators. Now, lets get to the last factor I will discuss. Well recorded vocals will turn into professional audio mixing and mastering without having to learn TOO much about the intricacies of sound design. 48 bars =96 sec. → Rapper Logic does a freestyle for The Boombox's 16 Bars series. The thirty-two-bar form, Examples of 32-bar AABA form songs include "Over the Rainbow", often 16 bars in length, What time signatures mean and how they work. Use the random lyrics for inspiration. The cut must make sense lyrically, and the music must have a sense of completion. 2 of our other posts; “What’s a bar in rap?” and “How to count bars” would shed more light on this as well. So again, let your vision for the song be the #1 driving factor. OR even if you don’t have an instrumental in mind. It is used by most MCs and underground rappers. So if you don’t know by now, the verse section is the part where you ill rap lyrics will go. What are the criteria for being good at rap? There's a reason mumble rap has become popular. The reason rap is the most popular genre in music right now is because of the consistent, repetitive beats, and the pattern of the vocals and flow, and the rhymes patterns as well. Consistent and original multi-syllable rhymes. The switch up continues for the first 8 bars of the verse and then the normal drum sequence comes in for the last 8 bars of the verse. Many times we can have ideas that really come to life inside of us but we trim them or let them go altogether because they don’t fit in the box of tradition or mainstream. “Lines” in rap are called “bars”. This question along with the next 2 questions should go hand in hand with determining how long a verse is in a song. You can start by placing rhymes at the end of each line, which is the 4 beat. Now, lets get to the last factor I will discuss. Good thing we learned that already. About the same time, the typical 8 bar chorus came into popularity in hip hop. 32 bars =64 sec. With good vocals, the producer will be able to utilize their full capabilities. But again always remember: Your vision and creativity flow for the song is the most important factor. What’s your opinion? Hey Christopher. © 2020 Melodi Beats | Website designed by Invested Web Solutions, et your vision for the song be the #1 driving factor. They generally last 2 or 4 or 8 bars long. But, in a 120 BPM pop beat, 16 bar verses would be natural and easy. Rap Verses – How to Write Rap Bars. Commercial rap songs have your typical run of the mill 16 bar verse and 8 bar chorus. 80 bars =160 sec. Then, there is another 16 bar verse followed by another 16 bar hook. The tempo of the beat or track is usually measured in BPM (beats per minute). People are putting more bars into the hooks and emphasizing the hooks. When rapping your bars over the music take time for each bar to "engineer" how it will fit on the beat. It’s becoming more and more common for songs to have only 2 verses in them compared to the 3 verse tradition. Hopefully I can help you love it, too! The slower you count 1-2-3-4, the slower the beats per minute, and the more syllables you can fit. Switching up your flow or rhyme scheme every four bars makes it a smoother transition. A 16 bar verse is the format currently used in rap music. 60 bars =120 sec. WHAT 16 bars you choose is just as important as just coming in with a song and singing until you reach measure 16 and stopping. So, 16 lines down the paper will equal to 16 bars. In terms of music making software, it’s limited. For example, say I wanted to find rhymes for the phrase: Lol these are the first things that came to my head so don’t judge how weird my brain works. But, again, this is not a standard…this is a trend that is moving out from the traditional 3 verse song. Successful cuts are often the last 16 bars or go from the middle of the song (called the bridge) to the end. If I use a 3 verse approach I’ll probably only make the verses 12 bars each, but it still makes the song much longer than the 2 verse version. But, there are also hits out there that are well over 5 minutes long. So 16 lines. That equates to one bar. End your second bar with a word that rhymes with the last word of your first bar. There are definitely more things to learn about when writing rap, so keep reading if you need some more tips on structure and making your raps sound good. Hooks/Chorus. Most songs begin with some instrumental bars, which are typically followed by a verse, although some do start with a hook. For example, if I’m making a rap beat that is around 60-65 BPM, then I’m probably not going to have 16 bar verses…at least not 3 of them. In order for your lyrics to sound good, you need to land the stressed parts of the words on those beats. Usually, pop songs will be slightly longer – around 20 bars. Anything you mumble over the beat will only be a combination of either a stressed or unstressed syllable. Our ego’s figure out there is going to be a pattern and what that might be before it happens. Actually Eminem will often make raps using this method. Your email address will not be published. Do you want it right around 3 minutes long? You can fit approximately 16 syllables into each line. Anyone can learn to mumble words around and make them... I’m the rapper and editor of – a site for rap lovers to come together and learn more about how to rap. Generally hip hop beats made by producers will be structured with these pieces in mind. A verse is typically 16 bars which are four 4 bar sections. Then after the verse, the chorus, or refrain will kick in, before returning to more verses. If your verse were 15 bars it would feel incomplete as well. 16 bars is 32 lines of music. Determine how long you want the song to be. This was long ago…dates mean little. Therefore, I think it’s best to use timing and not the counting of measures to determine your 16 bars. Here are a couple ways to get you started. It will help you learn a better understanding of flow and rhyme schemes and structure for rap in general. Last, there is a final 16 bar verse followed by the 16 bar hook. Many times intro’s will be playing just sounds with no drum beats. So the verse is a total of 16 bars and the hook is the 16 bars following the verse. Genius Nickname Email Password. For example: 3/4, 3 beats in a measure The significance of 16 bars in rap music is that 16 bars means 16 lines and the average verse in a rap song in 16 lines long. Write on the empty line directly under your first bar a second line of the song. One of the best ways to structure your ideas is in groups of 4 bars. Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin’ pussy” — 2Pac. If you're new, Subscribe! We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. 120 bars =240 sec. We have lots more on the site to show you. I always thought a bar was 2 sentences that went together and rhymed, that equaled 1 bar. 100 bars =200 sec. There are 4 beats within one bar but if there were only 3 beats it would fill incomplete. Every language is mixed between stressed and unstressed syllables. Sometimes on slower tempo beats (65 BPM for example) I like to use the 2 verse version because it fits within the length of the song that I desire, but they still might only be 16 bar verses. Here’s a really cool way that one of the legends of the game uses to write out all of his raps. You can identify the stressed part of words and phrases because they are the more emphasized sounds. And art is subjective. While not a rule or a must-do, it is a revealing trend. I don’t mean 2 verses and a bridge. 24 bars =48 sec. Of course there are exceptions, … Or space for breaths but it looks like this: This is a great way for beginner’s to start learning how to write a rap song, because it adds structure to your verse. Watch me do my thing." Hey, my name is Matt and i just came to write a SONG, Read the rest of that so you can make your rappin STRONG. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to A great way to find hard-hitting punchlines is to use current events and trending topics around the web. If it were 7 bars… yup you guessed it, it would feel incomplete. Remember, just because it’s half a verse doesn’t mean there’s any room for half-stepping. This makes it easier for us to communicate with others about the length of a section of the song such as a hook or a verse. Here is a cool discussion on how Rakim talks about these 16 dot strategy for writing raps. You can create so many ways to make a rap song it’s ridiculous. Interesting flow that can switch patterns easily and stay ON beat. Switching up your flow or rhyme scheme every four bars makes it a smoother transition. A verse that's too long will lose many mainstream listener's attention. There are SO MANY ways to create lyrical art. I suggest starting with the easier and working your way up to Biggie. 16 Bars Of Real Rap 16 Bars Of Real Rap uploaded a video 2 years ago 3:17. Rap is clearly the dominant genre of popular music over the last few years. But the YouTube audio library jam-packs a full list of beat creators and dope producers that you can use as your own rap beats. Then the last 3 words of each line have two purposes when Meek was writing rap lyrics for this verse. Verses in rap are usually 16 bars in length. You bring the listener in deep. …as if there’s a predetermined set number. Meaning they always have the exact amount of space between them. A hook is typically 8 bars which are two 4 bar sections. Check out this post which is one of the most popular of all time. I mean 2 verses only. Here is a table of the easiest rap songs to learn: While “Hypnotize” by Biggie is not the easiest rap song to learn, it is one of the most important for you to learn. Reddit is also a great place to find interesting punchline topics. That’s the point I really want to tackle in this post: There are traditional answers for this question of how many bars to use in a verse, but there’s really no right or wrong answer. Most of the top songs on the BillBoard Top 100 are under 4 minutes. If you want 3 verses in a song then they probably won’t have as many bars in them as they would if the song was only going to have 2 verses. Rhyming is a massive part of hip-hop and rap. Welcome to Rhymebuster, a rap generator. Check out this list of literary devices so you can get some mainstream success: The easiest rap songs to learn have simple rhyme schemes, simple patterns of flow, and lots of space for breath in between lines. So if you were to mumble out: When you’re scatting just try landing stressed syllables on the beats. So 16 lines. Think up a bunch of cool rhyming words that are generally relevant to your topic and then form lines around those rhymes. Write how they make you feel, what they make you think, or where they take your mind. Now that example ends at the 8 bars but you understand now how long a bar is and how to count 16 bars in a rap verse. So for example, I will bold the stressed syllables and leave the unstressed syllables so you can see the difference: There are many ways to arrange your words, but the number one key when starting out is to land stressed syllables RIGHT ON EACH BEAT OF 4. Cut. While the instrumentals may create a different vibe, the measure of time passing (1-2-3-4 seconds) is always the same. Combine this logic with the next 2 questions. You’ll notice that on the 4th second we hard stop on the rhyme. Hands-down the best way to stay true to yourself as an artist, is to hum, or mumble, or scat over the instrumental beat you want to write too. The first thing you need to do is define what “good” means to you. Sometimes producers leave space for these in their instrumentals. 16 Bars Lyrics: Yeah yeah / This is common / Shout outs to No I.D / Shout outs to Chicago / Good music / Yeah what up, what up ye, love / Yo, this is my sixteen bars / Feed live souls with two Comment below! It’s where the story/message in the song gets fleshed out with details. In fact, you’ll be able to find mainstream success with these and use them as your own rap beats. For example, if you have a pop song that is at 120 BPM and a trap song that has a tempo of 65 BPM, then there probably aren’t going to be the same number of bars in the verses of the songs. Rakim. Bars are simply a way that music is measured. One for each line in the verse. If you want use Reddit to it’s full capabilities then you can sort by ‘Top posts this week’ and you will get some great ideas. Make sure you have good quality voice recording when you make a rap song. Buying Exclusive Beats: 4 Tips to Help You, Unlimited Lease Beats – The Good & the Bad. So in that rap verse, you can hear the 1234 count 16 times and the in the hook of the rap song you can hear it 8 times. So manipulate what you want to say to fit this rhythm. A Bridge is a set of 2 bars that bridges the verse to the chorus. When I make beats I have to figure out all these questions for myself. Find some pictures that create the general mood for your song. Required fields are marked *. Hip hop music is typically broken down into sections. There are some main characteristics that remain consistent throughout most good hip-hop, however rap is an art. If you wanted to collab with another artist and needed them to fill in a certain section of the song it’s much easier to say “I need 12 bars from you” as opposed to “I need you to fill in 1 minute and 23 seconds”. Then take those lines and morph them into the flow you want and add rhyme schemes to them. OR what you can do, is end the line with a hard stop on the 4th beat, and then use the next syllables to “bring in” your next line. Freestyle rap, how to rap fast, bars and beat structure. This is a cool way for how to make rap songs. Freewrite a paragraph summary without rhyming. 1) Choose a genre (this determines the source of lyrics generated): Hip-Hop Sonnets Nursery rhymes Search phrases News headlines 2) Pick a rhyme scheme: 3) Hit "generate" button below a few times. Bar two does not have to be the same length as the first, although it should be close. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This will allow you some time to breathe. Don’t let standards or tradition hinder you or keep you in a box. 2-3 verses which consist of 16 lines. He puts down 16 dots on the page. And to double check, what you usually do is you find the section of the song, of an instrumental, that is the same amount of time as a regular 16 bar verse. Hooks and chorus convey the general feeling or idea of the track in a catchy way. This is the basic structure of how to write a rap song so it actually sounds like rap.

how long is 16 bars in rap

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