The popularity of the Internet makes it the perfect venue for commercial and sociopolitical publishing. #9 The quality and format of information you find on the Internet may not be appropriate for use in the academic context. WHO - ASCERTAIN AUTHOR OR PUBLISHER CREDENTIALS Have you heard of the author? Internet information resources are proliferating at an astonishing rate, however, very little of that information is of high quality. The first step in evaluating Web information … It's up to you evaluate, or judge the value of, the information you find on the Web to make sure if it seems trustworthy. Evaluating Information Found on the Internet. Internet II Winter 2009 Page 1 CHECKLIST FOR EVALUATING INFORMATION FOUND ONTHE I NTERNET TO EVALUATE WEB SITE INFORMATION ASK : WHO – WHAT - WHEN – WHERE - AND WHY . Printed materials that are collected in a library go through an evaluative process as librarians select them to include in their collections. When evaluating information found on the Internet, it is important to examine who is providing the "information" you are viewing, and what might be their point of view or bias. Domain Names. With the increasing demands for website accessibility, several countries have already pushed for accessibility legislation to support the disabled users’ rights to information. There is an additional set of considerations when evaluating information found on the internet. New Literacies Research Team & Internet Reading Research Group (2006). This guide discusses the criteria by which scholars in most fields evaluate print information, and shows how the same criteria can be used to assess information found on the Internet. (Johns Hopkins Library) Evaluating Web Content. As a result, the quality of information on the Web ranges from very high to very poor. Any information that you use to support ideas and arguments in a research paper should be given some scrutiny. Students realized, as do we, that the web offers a wealth of information -- truly unprecedented in human history -- but that it also requires a rich understanding of why and how to evaluate credibility of information found there. Is he/she well known in the field? Evaluating Information: Information from the Internet. Evaluating Internet Information "dot com" "dot gov" — suffixes and country codes explained. A significant amount of this population has access to the Internet, but sadly, not all can access content found on the Internet. Information on practically any subject can be found on the Internet, however, anyone conducting research on the Internet should make it a habit to question the accuracy of any information they find. This paper is a progress report on the project to develop such a set of criteria and standards. Getting Started; Information from the Internet; ... All websites should be evaluated for a number of different criteria, especially if you are planning to use the information found there in a course assignment or other scholarly research. Our iPROGRESS Moodle course Finding quality information on the internet outlines the issues you need to consider before trusting information found online and will give you strategies and tips to help you find quality information faster. Evaluating Information Found on the Internet. Educators are in need of instruments to assist in evaluating information quality, which is the goal of a project underway at The University of Georgia. Evaluating Internet Resources. #10 As a researcher, you are responsible for evaluating all your sources, including the information found on the Internet. Notes. #8 Some web sites are old and the information found there is out of date.

evaluating information found on the internet

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