Try new boat … You need to remember that there no lifeguards so you will need to swim at your own risk. If travel time makes it difficult to check in at 8:00, you may select a later check in time or be picked up earlier upon request. Thank you for coming back! Microchip is suggested also. a.) Remember, if you are taking your pet away from home, it needs a harness and leash (yes, a harness, no collar.). Our friendly staff will deliver and put your boat rental in the water, as well as pick up at the end of the day for free. Training your dog to use “puppy pads” (they have them for large dogs, too) or an artificial grass patch is a good idea especially if you are cruising far from land. Our 2019 HeyDay WT-Surf Boat is our most exciting, thrill seeking boat to hit the lake with. This is the perfect camping boat! Renting a boat at Lake Powell is very much a choose your own adventure kind of deal. (source: northshoremarinehollows), 89 State Highway 276, Lake Powell, UT(435) 210-5733[email protected]. B&T offers a rental vehicle to tow the boat/jet ski to the lake on your own for a minimal additional cost. Full Day (8 hours) $975.00. It can be as relaxed or adventurous as you want it to be. Is there be someone on board that will keep a watchful eye most of the time on your pet? The life jacket will keep your pet afloat even if it is exhausted or suffering from hypothermia. Enjoy the season, your pet and your boat. H2O–Zone is Lake Powell’s #1 source for watercraft rentals and repairs offering great rates and friendly service. Rent wakeboards, tubes, skis, and kneeboards with us as well to take on your pontoon boat. We are the official company providing Lake Powell jet ski rentals and watercraft services at all marinas. Antelope Pointe marina does seem to offer hourly/half day rentals. Defiance House Lodge. Receive a $200 discount off of their houseboat rental and/or a 10% discount off powerboats, personal watercraft and other small boats. Keep electronics in a waterproof bag and frequently apply sunscreen with the proper SPF rating. Just looking for a fun water activity day on Lake Powell. Someone to keep a watchful eye on the pet at all times.The health of a dog should be watched carefully. If all goes well, you just might have a sailor on your hands. *Hourly rental rates are available on select watercraft only. Our watercraft does have to be towed to Lake Powell and launch and retrieved. Identification with all phone numbers, boat name, call letters, etc. You’re in the right place! Answer 1 of 7: Hi, we are going to spend about 2 days at Lake Powell, and I was thinking about renting a speed boat for half a day. A pet that has adjusted to long car rides is more apt to be okay, than a pet that gets sick in the car from a ride around the block. Life jacket to wear in bad weather or if your dog is an explorer on board. Crate or carrier to be used when in port, to keep pets from wandering, also to be used in bad weather and secured against motion. Doggy-docks which are floating water ramps for dogs, makes climbing on board easier and safer. Schedule your Lake Powell boat rentals, boat charters, ATV tours, Jet Ski Tours and Flyboarding Lessons at any marina on the lake by calling us or emailing us today! The best time to start is now, while the boat is either in your yard or in dry-dock. Dining. 3 or email us at to make your reservation! Fishing is great year round. Some pets do get seasick just like some people do. Get ready for an adrenaline-filled day on the water with one of our newest Super Air Nautique ski boats and Manitou Pontoon boats. Pets when wet are heavier than when dry. Rentals are limited to adults 21 years of age or older with a valid automobile driver's license. We are your Lake Powell … Call us at 1-800-255-5561 today to reveal your greatest savings! Lake Powell Lodging Experience. Wahweap Grille. If you are into fishing good news. It also will be worth the effort and time to allow your dog to try swimming with it on. Lake Powell Resort. Marina Services. But before rushing into a boat rental, take the time to do it right. Once they are used to the feel and smell of the boat, start the motor, so they get used to the sound and are not frightened. With seating for up to 12 people, our pontoon rentals have plenty of room for you and your guests to relax and have fun while saving some space for a cooler and equipment. Marinas. ClubRec offers on-site boat rentals in Utah at Pineview Reservoir-Cemetery Point Bluff Marina, Willard Bay North Marina, East Canyon Reservoir-East Canyon Marina. Pets like people have their likes and dislikes and should be respected. Latitude 37. Being informed of incoming storms, lightning, and nautical conditions are imperative. We know each memory on the lake is even more special than the last. Boat Rentals Jetski Rentals. Let your pet become accustomed to wearing it; start with short periods of time at first. However, advanced reservation is only for full days. Anasazi Restaurant. Dogs are allowed in most areas of Lake Powell? You will be responsible for their well being and actions for the duration of the trip. For fishing options, the lake is full of Crappie, Smallmouth Bass, Bluegill, brown trout, Walleye and Striped bass. With 570cc you can tackle any driving conditions, even going up sand dunes at Lake Powell near Lone Rock or other riding trails. Explore our top rated surf boat rentals and guided water sport boat tours on your houseboat vacation. only for a whole day. Wahweap Grille. Is your pet old and has lost some of its agility? Medical records, recent vaccinations, rabies shot and a physical report that some ports require that it be very recent, have vet leave date bank and fill in when necessary before entering a port. Touring Lake Powell has never been as comfortable and spacious as in one of our pontoon boat rentals. But, before you start ask yourself the following questions:Will your pet tolerate a harness and a leash? 9:00 A.M. On the Water (Have a BLAST) 5:00 P.M. Harness and leash, take several in case one gets lost. Lake Powell VIP Boat Rentals or Water Sports Charters Offering wakeboard, water ski, water sports boat charters and boat rental service to beautiful Lake Powell. Let our team at Outdoor Adventure Rentals help take the stress out of getting the perfect boat, jet ski, kayak or paddleboard for your Outdoor Adventure! Antelope Point Marina is owned and operated by Antelope Point Holdings, LLC, an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Lake Powell Rainbow Bridge Boat Tour – Half Day ... Lake Powell Rainbow Bridge Boat Tour – Half Day. Lake Powell Dining Experience. kitty has decided that life at sea is the place to be, there are some things you need to consider for their comfort and things you will need for port entry. If the final NPS or governing agency approved rate is less than your confirmed rate, your rate will be adjusted downward to the actual rate approved. Antelope Pointe marina does seem to offer hourly/half day rentals. Ensure that you know all the boating laws for the State of Utah. Most guests who rent a houseboat also rent some type of watercraft that will allow them to go exploring during the day. Pets do fall overboard many times. It depends on the pet and your patience in acquainting your pet with your boat. For more information about boating safety and education contact your local Auxiliary Flotilla at or Especially if you’ve gotten sunburned! Dog boat ramp helps boarding, when boat is in a slipThese items can be found at any other pet store that sells pet boating products. Add second seat option for only $50. Enjoy smooth cruising and fast riding, whatever your perfect day on the lake entails! Porta potties are available for overnight rentals. Let us show our appreciation to you, by guaranteeing the best discounts to our returning customers. ... Cruise in a smaller vessel with ease. Half-day rates may also be available. Hi, we are going to spend about 2 days at Lake Powell, and I was thinking about renting a speed boat for half a day. Dining. *Hourly rental rates are available on select watercraft only. Offer expires on December 31, 2020. Don’t drink and boat or act foolishly. Latitude 37. These pontoon boats can hold from 7 to 15 people and come ready for a day on the lake. We know each memory on the lake is even more special than the last. 8:30 A.M. Let the pet absorb this experience. The deepest point of Lake Powell is 583 ft. Note: Should the final rate approved by the NPS or governing agency be higher than your confirmed rate, your confirmed rate will take precedence and be honored. Now if you want other great outdoor activities such as hiking, the best time to come is September, October, and November. If you are looking for Boat Rental Lake Powell Quotes – you are off to a great start…. Great for day-use. Boat Rental Service for Lake Powell. Please note: Less than 1-day rentals are first come, first served, with a 2-hour minimum rental. Answer 1 of 4: We are arriving to page for 2 nights at the end of july. Use common sense and wear life vests. c.) Be respectful of other boaters and water goers. Hence, dress in layers. You can have fun while expecting responsible behavior. Spend sometime with us, and enjoy memories . Pictures of the dog in case it gets lost. Is it important for you to get details about Wakeboard Boat Rental Lake Powell? The answer to that is, maybe “yes” and maybe “no.”. From nearby Antelope Point Marina, it's $425/day for their smallest powerboat, but they have a $75/hr rate if you want a partial day. Pets that have never been boating need time to get exposed to the ins and outs of boating, a little at a time. Canyon Princess Dinner Cruise. Marina Services. This boat rental is no joke when it comes to getting the most out of what Lake Powell has to offer. Remember: you will sunburn on the water faster – continuing to burn for up to 4 hours after exposure. When is the best time to visit Lake Powell. We offer half day, full day and multi-day tours. Once you have the boat in the water, take your pet aboard and let it feel the motion, start the motor and do not leave the dock. Rates stated on this page are subject to final approval by the National Park Service (NPS), or specific governing agency. Call Us Now (435)210-5733. ClubRec offers on-site boat rentals in Utah at Pineview Reservoir-Cemetery Point Bluff Marina, Willard Bay North Marina, East Canyon Reservoir-East Canyon Marina. Pooper-scooper, all ports require you clean up after your pet.

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