The complex puzzle of tide, structure wind and moon. In late August, with a storm rolling in, I found bass feeding between the bars on an Outer Cape beach. The fish, schoolies mostly, hit on nearly every cast until lightning forced me back to my truck. Access curated condition reports and proprietary surf, wind and buoy data. I never fished all night, I didn’t camp out on the beach or drive a buggy, but I always loved the serenity, and undisturbed natural beauty of that strip of coast. Marconi Beach, So. Wheelchair Accessible He could have been lying–another thing fishermen do–or he could have just been telling the truth. Greetings from Cape Cod: the other side of a much-loved vacation spot – in pictures Seaberry Surf, Wellfleet Photograph: Brian Kaplan They’ll even take you further than any party boat could manage! Shoot the seals, tourists and sharks that keep us from our shrine. Watch out for submerged rocks and canal boat traffic, and keep away from the jetty where large boulders lurk just below the surface. These places are best for surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Cape Cod: Sacred Surf School; Air Support Kiteboarding; Fun Seekers; Pump House Surf Shop; Inland Sea Windsurf Co; See more surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Cape Cod on Tripadvisor $ I suspected that there was still a contingent of anglers keeping the beaches honest and keeping their success quiet. Back then I did … How about race point and Billingsgate? Near-shore swell is shown on the map together with the surf forecast rating for spots in Massachusetts. Cape Cod Bay. But you had to be an insider on a team–me-lucky enough to meet and make friends with a NY City Firemen. Plan your next trip or session with expert guidance. Look for rising NE windswell to develop over the afternoon with 4-5' waves late. Here, you can cast your line for striped bass, bluefish, mackerel, and more. Look for onshore winds to increase as the morning progresses. Your email address will not be published. Great article, Jimmy. Three regular guys built our own needlefish and landed our share. I’m not liking what I’m hearing at all!!! Seals feed primarily on sand eels (and sick or injured fish) which appear to be doing just fine. My goal was to determine what conditions kept the seals away and allowed the fish to move in, but I never did. Lifeguards On Duty In-Season. I had the pleasure of fishing the backside beaches for over 30 years. The Cape Cod Melody Tent; A hot spot for visitors due to the information center and ferries; Dennis/Yarmouth. So I would say to live in a town near the water but be prepared to travel if you really want to surf. CB radios kept us all informed as to where the fish were. I can tell you that there is nothing quite like tossing a 12 inch eel into the inky blackness of a moonless night and feeling that tap tap of 40+ inch striper. We teach at several different locations on Cape Cod. Shore & Kayak Spots. From here to Nausett Beach has the potential to handle triple overhead on a sandbar, way out from the usual low tide break. West Dennis and Dennisport have a more vacation-like feel that you probably imagine when you think of Cape Cod. I fished the back side, i.e., near Provincetown and had a great time catching lots of 20-25″ schoolies and a couple nice 34″ fish … late in the day and into the night on the outgoing tide. I’m a New York resident, but between 1990 and 2005, the Great Backside beach was my primary fishing destination on the Cape. For the most part, other than at Race Point, there just aren’t many surfcasters giving it a go. If you're in the mood for a seaside picnic, Veterans Park Beach is the perfect … Only once did we have a seal grab a fish and that was a mackerel that was caught from shore and taken while reeling it in. WITHOUT THE BACKSIDE–THE CAPE IS FINISHED WITH JUST OLD MEMORIES OF HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, COTTAGES, FULL OF FISHING PEOPLE HELPING THE ECONOMY TO THRIVE HERE. Needs some NE or SE swell angle to provide the hollowest, gnarliest pits on the Cape. There’s no denying the explosion in the seal population has put a dent in the Outer Cape surfcasting. Partner of USATODAY Lifestyle/Action Sports. I drove to the Cape from northrn Alabama in late June. THIS IS A HUGE CANCER THAT WILL VERY SOON DESTROY THE CAPE COD ECONOMY. I bet if you take an outer cape beach and another beach with comparably less seals and put as much time in at each you will end up with similar results. But how could this be true? Low tide is at 8:45am. Detailed Massachusetts surf forecast maps and the latest eyeball surf report from local surfers in the region. Mother nature's constantly shifting sands means the surfing breaks are always changing. Low tide was at … Cape Cod AM Surf Report: Now, most of my fishing takes place in boats, but if the weather keeps the boat at dock, I grab my surf rod and go for a walk on the backside. Have also done Herring Cove and Race Point with minimal success though. He didn’t like dogs!!! Part of the mystique of the Outer Cape is its vastness, especially compared to other productive stretches of striper surf. You will also find great waves here for swimming or surfing as well. Plenty of seals that evening too. Where to Fish in Cape Cod Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing. THE BACKSIDE IS ALL DONE AND OUR GOVERNMENT HAS NO CLUE TO FIX IT. Enough is Enough! Nothing compares to the challenge of the beautiful back side. Quickly access the spots you care about most. At last, some success. Who is there standing up for our rights. South Cape has fantastic access and acres of parking. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Find the best places to surf in offshore conditions … But are you guys saying we can’t drive there anymore? Trying to get the feds to allow us to kill seals will be a massive wast of time and effort. Interactive map of Cape Cod shore fishing spots, kayak spots, ramps, tackle shops available. Obviously the seals do not keep the game fish away. These days, it seems any conversation on surfcasting the backside beaches is quickly followed by talk about seals and how it isn’t the way it used to be. Your email address will not be published. Watch live conditions ad-free -- and access exclusive, high-resolution cams. Surf Webcams near the Coastguard Beach Surfcam Nauset Beach (1.2 miles) Avalon Pier (504.7 miles) Topsail Island (654.4 miles) August 2020. Keep Your Footing: Anglers that fish the Cape Cod Canal, the Rhode Island breach ways or any number of rocky piers and jetties can remain well above the waterline, so for the most part, waders are not necessary. This spot is best when there is an east to southeast wind. Well, Dave Johnson said it all … we need the professional wildlife managers (of which I am one in another state) to demand a revision/amendment/contingency to the Marine Mammal Protection act to allow for sustainable culling of the seal population. Cape Cod and the Islands Fishing Great Fall Mixed Action In this week’s report we have and update on the new striped bass circle hook regulations, good catches of bass and trout inland, stripers in the surf, blackfish to 23 pounds in the Sound, great mixed-bag action out … Will accept SW winds but not high tide. You could walk a lap around Cuttyhunk Island in a night or bicycle the length of the Cape Cod Canal in a single tide, but to cover the stretch of sand from Nauset to P-Town – especially now with the restricted beach buggy and foot access – could take a full season. In my opinion, our efforts would be far better spent addressing those other issues. MOST PEOPLE COME HERE TO FISH AND IF THE SEALS EAT THE FISH BY BY BIRDIE. Marconi is an excellent spot to whale watch. I have not fished Vineyard Sound from shore since this past spring. I see the biggest threat to surfcasting the outer cape is the Piping Plover issues. We can treat this… it just needs the right prescription. High tide is at 3:00pm. And why wouldn’t they? I bet i wont be disappointed no matter what the outcome is. Click on the icon to reveal more information about the spot. It wasn’t too long ago that the possibility to hook a very large striped bass existed on any cast on the backside beaches. Amenities include: Public Restrooms. Let’s not forget warming water temps which is the real cause of the collapse of the southern New England lobster fishery. These places are holy. Yes, and when the plover “crisis” is over, the least terns,or some other species is all lined up to become the protected species. Cape Cod native surfer, Mike Archer, in the spot in the days before the shark problem. The Marconi Station area has good beachbreak peaks at the base of tall cliffs and dunes. I will be putting in my time at race point this weekend for 4 nights. Thinking nasty weather was the key, I returned the night before Hurricane Irene was forecasted to approach the Cape, and I hauled in bushels of mung weed while watching seals navigate the growing seas. It’s just you, the surf, the stars, and on good nights, the stripers. I planned on driving up to the Cape in sept/oct and fishing the Race, Traps, and back beach. White Crest Beach in Wellfleet is also known as “surfer’s beach,” which hints at why it made this list. You will not have to fight with crowds to enjoy good surf, where the waves are perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers. Find all the best Cape Cod surf spots here. Then there are the amazing anomalies; bass to 40 pounds chasing herring on December 4th along the beaches of Cape Cod Bay (I believe it was 2010), bass to 50 pounds running the SoCo beaches into early December in 2006. There’s no better way to discover saltwater fishing than by boat, and charter fishing in Cape Cod will get you to the spots that you simply can’t access on your own or by kayak. Filter by Town Barnstable (Kayak) Barnstable (Shore) Bourne (Kayak) Bourne (Shore) Brewster (Kayak) Brewster (Shore) Cape Cod Canal (Shore) Barnstable Fishing Location: Dowse’s Beach #657. However the great fishing coupled with easy parking often draws crowds to the beach. There’s no place quite like it. From Hatches to Chatham (Chatham to the Southern side of the Nauset Inlet) we fished all night every night. He claimed not to have caught anything and said he wasn’t even sure why he still bothered. IT WILL BE TO LATE WHEN A GREAT WHITE EATS YOUR CHILD TO DEATH OFF THE BACKSIDE. The next trip, again in unpleasant weather on Labor Day weekend, turned up a 25-pounder, a fish I’d be thrilled to catch anywhere, especially on a sandy beach on the Lower Cape. Onshore winds increase to 15-20mph in the second half of the day adding texture to the face but there is a possible wind shift late but it will be very brief. By the end of the season, I hadn’t cracked any code or discovered the “magic bullet” for catching bass on the seal-infested backside beaches, but I was plenty content. THE FISHING PEOPLE HAVE LEFT TO MAINE AND ELSEWHERE TO CATCH BIG LINESIDERS AND WHERE THE SEALS ARE KEPT IN LINE LIKE OUR DEER HERD MANAGEMENT. Off the beaches, baitfish and bass and bluefin tuna are still present in good numbers, it just seems that neither the bass, nor the bait, are willing to run the seal gauntlet to feed in the surf anymore. About Cape Cod. Write your officials, visit their offices and demand a seal harvest for the Cape ecology, as well as the fishermen and the seals themselves. Even after dark, I would often hear the loud sigh of a seal exhaling in front of me. The few men you encountered were giants like Nate, Charlie, or the father and son Gibbs. Wait 5 min and fish every other cast again. It is also one of the most popular surf spots on the Cape, known for its consistent shortboard/longboard summer swell. Note: Use of some ramps requires a fee or a parking sticker that may be purchased in advance. But it still exists. There have been hundreds of articles and dozens of books written about the striped bass surf fishing on the backside beaches. A lot of these surf fisherman have given up and sold their rigs and stopped buying the $250.00 sticker due to all out frustration over these closures. List of Cape Cod surf spots and surfing breaks with a free 3-day Surfline LOLA swell and wind report and forecast.

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