Seasons In Nolan’s 2006 film The Prestige, which has already inspired many of the themes of Westworld, Rebecca Hall’s character kills herself because her … 1, 2 Juliet waits for him to leave before retrieving something he tried to hide while her eyes were shut: an ID card filled with info on him from the … She reads it, is understandably horrified, and decides to take her own life after hiding the chip in a music box where she knows Emily will eventually find it. The story moved away from Westworld and the other parks at Delos Destinations. Having explained Juliet's father's opinion, Paris says, "Now do you know the reason of this haste" (4.1.15). Westworld Season 3. Credit: HBO. "Vanishing Point" At a party one evening she helps William get out of an awkward conversation and later drops a drink while speaking to some other guests. Appearances However, this entire show was confusing, so bear with us. All the Most WTF Moments in the New 'Westworld', The Biggest Questions After the 'Westworld' Finale, 'Westworld' Finally Showed Us Shogun World, 'Westworld' *Finally* Explained Ghost Nation, 'Westworld' Just Brought Back a Major Character, HBO Released Four New 'Westworld' Pictures. He comes to believe that William only wants to marry Juliet in order to steal the company, Delos Incorporated from his family. After James Delos's host copy begins to malfunction after his 149th iteration and starts ranting at William about stealing his company and having sex with his daughter, William breaks the news that Juliet had committed suicide the previous year. It's not just that she allowed herself to start caring for Bernard, but we also know how she feels about Westworld. By the time William came to Westworld for the first time, he was engaged to Juliet. As of the end of the episode, Bernard seems to have deleted the Ford code from himself. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Nostalgia Called—It Wants You to Watch These Shows. Juliet tries to get through to Emily, insisting that she tried to make things work with her father but fails. She is first seen in a photograph found by Peter Abernathy. He remembers everything and has finally, truly, become self-aware. Season 3 of Westworld took the show into uncharted territory. Cause of death Years ago, Juliet attempted to give Emily a gift of a music box with a ballerina in it. Human They then notice water dripping from the ceiling, and William rushes upstairs to discover Juliet has overdosed in the tub. Actor Herself (Suicide) After learning about her husband's true but horrid personality, Juliet cannot more live with a man who was fake all the time. While we still don’t know definitively why she killed herself, major clues are given. When he leaves, she gets up and locates his personality profile (courtesy of Ford, earlier that evening—it's a chip containing a complete profile of William based on his experiences in the park). Juliet kills herself because the play is a tragedy. Returning to their home, Juliet begins criticizng William, calling him "Billy" and remarking on the horrible things Logan told her William did in the park. In the meantime, Logan took a backseat in the company and James Delos retired after getting sick (which is why we saw a host-version of him on the latest episode). ... Bernard says he killed "all … Juliet kills herself after she awakes to find Romeo lying dead beside her. The longer, slightly more nuanced version: Juliet is an addict. Juliet killed herself because Romeo killed himself. Westworld Finale: How Did It All End and What ... We knew that Dolores killed Arnold, and tonight we found out why. It also means he knew things were going to get dark in Westworld and he wanted to protect Maeve from the fallout. She appears vaguely annoyed by Dolores's presence. When the help she called for arrives, he steals a gun from one of the Delos security guards and proceeds to kill all of the Delos employees and then, finally, Emily. Family Late 40s He sits up all night staring at the photograph, clearly disturbed. Emily threw it out as she thought her mother had forgotten she was no longer a dancer, only to regret it and try to recover it from the trash. After learning about her husband's true but horrid personality, Juliet cannot more live with a man who was fake all the time. Upon seeing Juliet "dead," he kills himself. This list shows the victims Juliet has killed: the stock image that Westworld purchased the right to use, Peter Abernathy looks at the photo that he found. Did he know Juliet would discover the card and end up killing herself (and lead the Man in Black to kill his daughter)? "The Original" (image only) Much like her brother, Juliet became an addict in her later years, and had been committed to rehab multiple times. She says that her mother had been terrified of William for years. Following this, he is "lobotomized" and decommissioned. Her plan, as Kevin Der said, was to fake her own death so that she wouldn't have to marry Paris. He’s once again being used by Dolores and doesn’t know how or why. In Westworld , when Juliet, the Man in Black's wife, views the record of his atrocities committed while he was playing a "black hat" in the park, she commits suicide by filling her mansion bathtub and slitting her wrists. Dolores has finally unlocked consciousness by … Finally, he encourages her not to let her story end here, after which we see her take control of her programming iPad. Westworld Season 2 has its best episode yet, and a series highlight, as questions about William, Bernard, and Grace are answered. Drug overdose, slit wrist (suicide) In the park, Emily tries to convince MIB that she blames herself for Juliet’s death since she had put into motion plans to have her mother forcibly committed right before she took her life. Season 1 But why did Dolores kill Ford on Westworld? Season 2 (Young) Last seen For a long time, Emily would blame herself for her mother's death, believing this threat to be the instigator. The longer, slightly more nuanced version: Juliet is an addict. Older Marie Claire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. And that’s why she kills herself in the tub. In a flashback, Juliet is shown to have killed herself after she viewed a file detailing all of William's past actions in Westworld. Let's face it, there's only one question that really matters with Bernard right now and it's about Ford's status as puppet master of his thoughts. Let's address those now, before we move on to the rest of the episode, in particular, the shocking final moments. William gives her some water and, thinking she has fallen asleep, admits that she is right about him and that he had learned something horrible about himself in the park, and apologizes to her for having tricked her all these years. Elsie is a programmer for the Delos theme park, Westworld. Shakespeare is known for his tragic plays. Who's Really Singing in 'Selena: The Series'?