Thulite meaning It’s low-grade in quality, but there are rare gem-quality crystals are found. Molten together with White calcite, Thulite is often found in the fractures of many rocks. It is the Norwegian national stone, and most of the stone comes from Leksvik, although it has also been found in South Africa and Australia. Its hardness is somewhat lower than the hardness of Quartz, but still pretty solid for jewelry production. Thulite is also found in the Austrian Tyrol and in Mitchell County, North Carolina . Thulite Gemstones by Colour This table shows the variety of hues this gemstone can be found in. Some examples of agate that was found near Ludlow can be found at the American Agate, Jasper Project web page and at Miner’s Gallery. Thulite is an opaque, massive manganese-rich variety of zoisite that is pink in color. Thulite is a form of Zoisite and is related to another gemstone called Tanzanite. Thulite from eastern Washington has attractive light pink spots contrasting with black. Geodes are fun! It is a … We've found that Thulite polishes best with diamond. They are regular, round rocks from the outside, but contain worlds of wonder within. However, thulite and anyolite are not. Tanzanite is also in the zoisite familiy. Thulite is usually cut as cabochons or carved into ornamental objects. In the mineralogical literature, Thilite is often called pink Zoisite. He … Zoisite (green) and Thulite (pink) that was found new Ludlow is pictured here. Increasingly popular globally, Thulite was discovered in Norway, but is also found in Australia, Austria, Namibia, and the USA. It’s pink because of the manganese and calcium in it, but there are also black Thulite stones. Melton has found his best thulite near Tunk Creek in the Okanogan Valley. Thulite Rough Thulite is the pink form of zoisite. More often than not, the thulite is found in the fissures of a lot of rocks. Click on a photo for more information. Green which allows us growth and is very healing. Thulite is pink and manganese-rich and is mainly found as a secondary stone. Thulite Meaning. Thulite is used as a gemstone and carving material in the manufacture of jewelry and ornamental objects. It displays three colors; Pink, which is about unconditional love, compassion, giving and receiving love. Norwegian Thulite is a great stone if you want a pretty mottled pink. “You go right ahead,” the landowners told him, and he found a lot of high-quality thulite. Further, the stone may also have black, grey, and white within the stone. Despite these discoveries, Thulite in fine qualities remains extremely scarce. Thulite is therefore being called "The national stone of Norway." Our Australian Thulite comes from the Hera Deposit near Nymagee in New South Wales. Thulite is used as a gemstone and carving material in the manufacture of jewellery and ornamental objects. Where Is It From? It was first discovered in Norway in 1820 and named after the mythical island of Thule. Thulite is also found in the Austrian Tyrol and in Mitchell County, North Carolina. As a gemstone, Thulite is only found in Norway. The meaning of the name of this stone derives from the old Norwegian name for the Norwegian area, 'Thule'. Washington Thulite is a rare and unusual variety of Thulite found in the Tunk Creek area of Okanogan county. THULITE was first discovered in Norway in 1820, and the mineral was given its name after "Ultima Thule", the old Greek name for Norway used more than 2000 years ago. He said that about 25 years ago he got permission from local land owners to search for thulite on their property. Most of the stones of the thulite are in pink color, anywhere from light pink to rose pink up to dark red, based on the amount of manganese that it has. A new, more recent find of a small quantity of stones was discovered near Riverside in Okanogan County, Washington, US and in Snillfjord i Trøndelag, Norway during tunnel constructions in December 2018. And Black which is grounding.