Recycla-Pak Mail-back Program. 389 likes. Also see our Depot Guide for information on what to bring in. ... For more foam recycling locations go to and search for "Styrofoam" or go to CARE On-site Program. EPS Foam p roducts … … … Sep 30, 2019 - Explore Dhinesii's board "Styrofoam recycling" on Pinterest. Styrofoam) and non-deposit glass (in communities without separated curbside glass collection) and other flexible plastic packaging can only be returned to a depot for recycling. CREATING VALUE FROM RECYCLED PLASTICS We are a clean technology leader that produces value-added synthetic waxes, polymer additives, and other chemicals from recycled plastics. Visit the EPA website to learn more about the benefits of recycling. We purchase back your hot-melted Styrofoam ingots, cold-compressed Styrofoam blocks and PS renewable pellets. List of styrofoam recycling companies, manufacturers and suppliers ... based in Grimsby, ONTARIO (CANADA) Preferred Recycling Equipment can provide all your waste handling and recycling equipment needs. For example, if you spent around $1,000 recycling styrofoam, you’d only make about $200 back, if anything. EPS STYROFOAM STYROFOAM RECYCLING SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE FOR A FEE. In fact, styrofoam is commonly tossed away with recyclables at home, which is … EPS Styrofoam We accept industrial volumes of styrofoam in loose form for a fee. GreenMax is engaged in the green business—Styrofoam recycling. Source: iStock . The truth is most forms of Styrofoam are recyclable, yes surprisingly it is. In Canada, interest in recycling plastic No. Styrofoam Can Be Recycled. How do I prepare styrofoam for disposal? The Canadian Chamber of Commerce reported that in 2012, 80 per cent of styrofoam waste in Canada ended up in landfills or waterways. The purpose of the Styrofoam ban is to encourage more Styrofoam recycling, prevent negative environmental impacts, and prevent the material from taking up large amounts of space in landfills. based in Grimsby, ONTARIO (CANADA) Preferred Recycling Equipment can provide all your waste handling and recycling equipment needs. Foam products are too light for the sorting machines during the recycling process. This strategy may work in the short term for not-for-profit organizations like municipal recycling facilities, but getting businesses on board has always been a hard sell. FoamRecycle is a foam recycling services company for all the Bay Area, CA. For more information, visit the CRD Blue Box Program. Preferred Recycling Equipment can provide all your waste handling and recycling equipment needs. Greenmax helps you to deal with EPS waste, which is also called expanded polystyrene or styrofoam. Typically, those undertaking Styrofoam recycling have done so by operating at a loss — spending around $1,000 to recoup $200 worth of Styrofoam. Foam Recycling Programs. That amounted to more than 6.500 tonnes. Sorry… We do … More. Packaging pieces and Dunkin Donut cups keep appearing more and more mixed in with single stream and glass/plastics recycling. Dart Collects Foam for Recycling … I get this question almost weekly working for a recycling company. Many started dropping off styrofoam (EPS) at recycling depots, who receive these items free of charge. The main reason is that it is not cost-effective to collect such large and lightweight materials, as air makes up 98% of Styrofoam, which causes air to break down easily and contaminates other recyclable materials.Once collected, buyers are hard to find. Many Styrofoam products are too lightweight for the sorting machines during the recycling process and because recycling is calculated by weight, the lightweight nature of Styrofoam has a low return and high transportation costs. We provide clients with quality wire strippers, balers and containers as well. Styrofoam Recycling Ideas . This creates a problem and leads to inefficient disposal of Styrofoam which is a dangerous material for the environment. Why can't polystyrene foam be recycled or composted? Fact 3. Recycling is done by using densifier melting machines so the foam never ends up … Recycling & Composting Recycling. Second, Styrofoam is lightweight. Contaminates existing composting and recycling streams; Is not approved for composting under provincial regulation; Is not designed to biodegrade if littered in the natural environment; Fact 2. Styrofoam reusing INTCO Recycling has been the largest EPS recycler and end-user in the world. Styrofoam Disposal & Recycling. Styrofoam Recycling Arizona. Recycle Styrofoam in Canada. Despite regulations across Canada encouraging the collection and recycling of Styrofoam, 80 per cent of it ends up in Canada’s landfills and environment. As mentioned earlier, recyclers don’t recycle it on a large scale. Fortunately, you can still recycle Styrofoam. Use the map below to find foam #6 recycling throughout North America. Agilyx has spent the last 14 years creating a solutions platform that can take a wide variety of waste plastics and polymers, and chemically recycle those plastics into high value synthetic oils, chemicals and in some cases back to basic monomers that can be used to re-manufacture products. Each 5 ton truck can process and carry as … Styro-Go’s trucks are custom made self-contained recycling units. Third, if recycling, Styrofoam will incur high transportation and storage costs. Styrofoam of EPS foam products are very difficult to recycle. Advertisement . Most of the Styrofoam either end up in landfills or even worse, in the ocean. As the biggest waste Styrofoam recycler in the world, we make great contributions to environmental protection. More. List of styrofoam recycling companies, manufacturers and suppliers . Styrofoam Recycling. The material is capable of being recycled, but it requires specialized equipment to do so. The Good News. They also contain plastic which doesn't break down during composting and will contaminate the finished compost. Article continues below advertisement. REQUEST A QUOTE DOWNLOAD OUR TECHNICAL BUILD MANUAL. A SIMPLE 3-STEP PROCESS. Plastic that is labeled or described as compostable or degradable is also not accepted in Recycle BC’s residential recycling program External website, opens in new tab. (Densified foam minimum 900 pounds per skid.) we also carry an inventory of used … That’s a … We provide clients with quality wire strippers, balers and containers as well. INTCO manufactures Greenmax(TM) recycling machines. See more ideas about Styrofoam recycling, Styrofoam, Styrofoam crafts. styrofoam densifiers GreenMax Styrofoam densifier is specialized in compacting EPS&PE Foam etc.and could save large space for your convenience. Therefore, it is not feasible to recycle it at this time when the energy it takes to recycle it costs more. Styrofoam take-out containers are among the products most likely to be banned in Canada. Plastic bags and overwrap, foam packaging (e.g. THe company accepts Styrofoam, packaging foam #6 for recycling from residents and from companies/commercial. Put foam into a garbage bag to keep it from blowing away during collection. Canada; Blog; Styrofoam Recycling in Arizona. Step 1 – Receive Donations Recycling partners throughout the World donate post consumer / post industrial EPS to Eco Building Systems thus preventing shipment to landfills and non-biodegradable waste left in the surface … More. INTCO Recycling is a Styrofoam Recycling Specialist, providing total solutions of EPS recycling and polystyrene recycling. Styro-Go has developed the technology to offer recycling of polystyrene (EPS- commonly referred to by the brand name Styrofoam) in a cost-efficient method. That works out to the equivalent of 208 Olympic-sized swimming pools of styro-waste every year. The Canadian Foam Recyclers Association is a Not for profit association dedicated to diverting Styrofoam from the landfill. Recycling Partners View EPS Recycling Map in a full screen map. Waste diversion goals are typically measured by weight, so the lightweight of Styrofoam makes it unattractive (a truckload of loose foam only weighs ~1,000 lbs). Polystyrene, more commonly known as Styrofoam, is universally used as packing material for protecting fragile items in transit. Recycling Center Information. Styrofoam recycling is not very popular. You can distinguish Styrofoam from other types of foam as it breaks into small bead like pieces and may have the Number 6 labeled onto it. Thus, it’s not a lucrative venture for businesses to adopt. Styrofoam ingots could save 1/90 space compared to the loose Styrofoam, solve the problem … As Styrofoam is sometimes unavoidable in equipment shipping, UBC Waste Management provides Styrofoam collection at select locations on campus where generation of Styrofoam waste is significant. This map includes foam recycling centers and foam recycling curbside pickup. Find Recycling Depots . With a GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier offered by INTCO Recycling, the Styrofoam is crushed, then hot melted and pushed out through the screw to form the molded Styrofoam ingots. 6 is increasing, Boyaci says. Walmart Canada launched a program in October to have all of its Styrofoam packaging at eight stores in Ontario collected and recycled by Grace Canada, which then turns it into construction materials. Actually, the Styrofoam recycler could solve all problems and improve the solution of Styrofoam recycling in Canada. This map features drop-off and curbside foam recycling options. And yet, misconceptions around styrofoam recycling are still increasing recycling contamination rates. Yes, we can all help to create a new plastic economy. We purchase styrofoam in densified form (ingots) on skids. we also carry an inventory of used balers, waste transfer units, ... REQUEST QUOTE. Styrofoam recycling quickly became the appealing alternative for Metro Vancouver residents and businesses. The world produces nearly ten million metric tons of polystyrene to meet the demands of the shipping, food, and other industries. Many times people assume Styrofoam is recyclable, especially if it has a recycling symbol and number on the piece. Styrofoam is a notoriously difficult waste material to handle. Even not-for-profit organizations like municipal recycling facilities would be hard-pressed to receive funding towards this herculean task. Most recyclers believe that the profit value is very low. It is not cost-effective for them to do so. So when you’re done recycling your own styrofoam, consider lobbying your local elected officials for a ban, as well, if your hometown doesn’t have one in place already. Recycling foam #6 reduces solid waste, decreases dependency on virgin resources, and prevents pollution. We are the first company in the world to upcycle post-consumer and Curbside recycling service is provided to Victoria residents by the Capital Regional District (CRD). For this reason, it is banned from most commercial and municipal recycling operations in Canada. Read more on Styrofoam.