You should use artificial plants if you keep African Cichlids and fairly large herbivorous fish in your aquarium… on sale for $9.74 original price $12.99 $ 9.74 $12.99. Made with non-toxic materials; Adding artificial plants to your aquarium increases the overall surface area for biological water … 100% Safe for Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums, and Terrariums too!! Add to Cart . Algae is always hard to deal with and cleaning those plants can be a chore. Make Offer - Artificial Aquarium Ficus Plants Plastic Aquatic Fish Tank Decorations Ornament. $5.24 +$1.49 shipping. Sort & Filter . Over time, these plastic plants become dirty due to the build-up of algae, mineral deposits, bacteria wastes and sludge on them. Live Aquarium Plants shipped right to your door at the lowest prices online only at family-owned and operated That Fish Place - That Pet Place. Aquarium Resin Artificial Plastic Plant If you are looking for a large and bushy artificial aquarium plant that you can place on one side of the aquarium, you can buy this one online. $4.99 . Add to Cart . 25CM Artificial Green Plant Grass Fish Tank Aquarium Fake Plastic … Out of Stock. Ecoscaper Lobelia Silk Plant. Great advice! However, strong chemical solutions and aggressive scrubbing can still damage the plants… If so, there are a lot of choices to make when it comes to selecting your aquarium plants, whether freshwater plants, silk aquarium plants or foliage for saltwater tanks. Many fish species also prefer artificial plants that eat real plants. I think some fake plants look more realistic with a little algae on them, but others not so much! Many aquarists use plastic plants to make aquarium more colorful and nice-looking. However, plastic plants can achieve this same effect. Color-Changing Plant … Artificial Aquarium Plants. $2.99 . Add to Cart . Enhance the look of your tank with our huge range of artificial aquarium plants by leading manufacturers including Fluval, Hugo Kamishi, Penn Plax and many more. Tacobear Artificial Plastic Plant Finding aquarium plants for large tanks can be a challenge but this 20-inch plastic plant is a perfect fit. Imagitarium Colorful Plastic Aquarium Plants Midground Value Pack, Medium, Multi-Color Petco. Marina Ecoscaper Hydrocotyle Silk Plant. Assorted plastic aquarium plants, available in 3 sizes: 10cm, 20cm or 30cm. GloFIsh Cycle Plant - Orange & Yellow - Sm. Call 1-877-367-4377 to order! Blue Ribbon ColorBurst Florals - Dieffenbachia Variegated Leaf. Marina - iGlo - Plant - Slim Leaf Bamboo 7.5 in. This kind of fishes can easily get… The length and width of the base are 8 cm by 5 cm and the height of the plant … AMAZON "coyote_sc" Penn-Plax. Ground Cover Plants. Plastic Aquarium Plants. Siamese fighting fishes or better known as betta are extremely delicate creatures. 180 Products . Sort & Filter . Place them and watch your creatures enjoy their ne... View full details Save 30 % $ 22.99 $ 15.99 AquaTop Aquarium Plant Anacharis with Light Tips 20" AquaTop Aquatop plastic aquarium plants … While the majority of these plants … Inexpensive: You can find inexpensive aquarium plants for $1 to $4. These value plants are almost exclusively synthetic plastic options without weighted bases. Living aquarium plants can be an effective way to reduce ammonia levels through biological filtration, beyond what a filter offers. Mary Craig from New York on January 28, 2013: You have listed some helpful, natural ways to clean the plants … Plastic Aquarium Plants. Each plant replicates the color and form of an existing species. Live Plants Live plants are not quite as simple to clean as plastic or silk plants because they can be damaged or killed in the process. The plant is built to be soft and non… However, some tank occupants, such as fiddler crabs, can decimate them, making artificial plants a better option. Ultimately, algae can make your plastic aquarium plants … Penn-Plax Foregrounder Aqua-Scaping - Bunch Plants - Create a Lush Aquatic Landscape Instantly with a Box of Five 4 3/4'' Long x 1 5/8'' Wide Plants … When properly taken care of live plants can add a nice look to an aquarium. Artificial plants are an excellent choice for both experienced and beginner aquarium enthusiasts because they are usually made by using plastic or silk materials. 6 per pack, mixed. Vivid plants … 180 Products . Norgail Large Freshwater Aquarium Plants Artificial Plastic Fish Tank Plants Decoration Ornaments S… Artificial aquarium plants, whether they’re plastic or silk will be much easier to clean then live plants since you wouldn’t need to take the extra care cleaning them. Most aquarium enthusiasts go … It features 18 long branches of water grass forming a dense plant … Supyouleg Aquarium Plants Fish Tank Plants Artificial Water Aquatic Tall Plant Red Green Big for Fis… $6.99 . Oase - biOrb Décor Set - Stone Garden. This artificial Lobelia hits all the good points for an artificial aquarium … $7.99 . Narrow By . If you opt for the best artificial aquarium plants for your … However, they are still cleaned in much the same way as artificial plants. Silk and plastic plants come in a wide range of sizes and colors and are easily obtainable year round. These fantastic plants … Never has it been so easy to design a fresh or saltwater aquarium … If you need the best plants that will not poison the fish, this is what you get. Add to Cart . Vallisneria and other ground cover plants send out “runners” which develop … Aquatop plastic aquarium plants can turn an ordinary fish tank into an extraordinary aquascape. © 2014 WECO Marina - iGlo - Plant … The aesthetic appeal is subjective and an aquarist should weigh the pros and cons of live vs plastic … Ordinary debris should simply be brushed or very gently rubbed off, while the plant remains in place in the aquarium. Plant Rack Assembly Instructions PDF. Garden Clusters - Archway Plant - Tropical Island. These artificial aquarium plastic and silk plants are the result of much research into unique and hopefully popular aquarium plants as well as careful design. Artificial Aquarium Ficus Plants Plastic Aquatic Fish Tank Decorations Ornament. Wonder Plant Brochure PDF. Add to Cart . Aquarium plant prices. Narrow By . Because they are never in an aquarium before you purchase them, they will not bring in pests or … $89.99 .