Manage risk. Thirty-five percent of U.S. adults — about 54 million people — said they’ve been bullied at work. Business owners were faced with a stark reminder about the potential dangers of social media, when Brisbane coffee entrepreneur Phillip di Bella stripped of his 2014 Business of the Year Award following an offensive and expletive-laden series of posts on his personal Facebook page around the second ‘State of Origin’ NRL game. Let us know via our LinkedIn and Twitter pages! In addition to implementing policies, businesses are now taking precautions to protect against specific risks associated with misuse of social media, such as: Training employees reduces risks, yet, there has not been any significant increase in the number of businesses providing employees with training on appropriate use of social media. Workplace Bullying Survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute found that 29 percent of respondents said they considered suicide after being bullied. The things you say in anger may not be how you really feel once you cool down. Create a safer workplace. To get the best results be respectful and ensure your comments aren’t offensive to anyone. Take a Stance. 3. With all the benefits that social media is bringing to the corporate world, a company faces numerous risks in its use, from misuse of company resources, to conflicts of interest and disparagement of others. A clear, direct Internet and social media policy is … Mr di Bella’s story is not unique – the internet is littered with case studies of improper social media use impacting negatively on a business. In Espinoza v. County of Orange , an employer was found liable to an employee whose coworkers had mocked his disability on social media blogs, because the coworkers discussed workplace issues and had used work computer to access the blogs. – Keep it professional: If you are a business or a person trying to build your professional profile then you need your social media to remain professional. 54% of these workers agree that social media breaks help them recharge at work. *We want to hear your stories! The use and abuse of social media in the workplace is an excellent way to give life to the provisions in a code of ethics. Franchise Business Management Essentials Online Course, How To Franchise Your Business Online Course, How To Choose The Right Franchise Online Course, Franchise and Small Business Survival Online Course, FranchiseED 100 Day Coaching and Mentoring Program, Lifting the Bench Strength with Culture and Communication, Improving Leadership and Business Performance, Social Media in the Workplace Around the World 3.0, Equip yourself with the skills you need to run a successful business, including specific franchise marketing, with our, Researching the franchisor before you buy, Getting prepared to apply for franchise finance, Misuse of confidential information (80%), Misrepresenting the views of the business (71%), Disparaging remarks about the business or employees (64%). From the #MeToo movement to best practices and personal anecdotes from the field, the HR Acuity blog is here to help you stay in the know on all things employee relations. Although it was previously stated it improves interaction, this is not … Since the Internet remains largely unregulated, employers must set and enforce their own policies on appropriate social media use. A prominent Queensland businessman, named the Lord Mayor’s Corporate Citizen of the Year at the 2014 Australia Day awards, Mr di Bella was forced to answer for his actions publically. Their malice toward him became crueler as it escalated. Cons of Social Media in the Workplace: 1. As posts become more insulting or threatening, other employees might join in, taking sides and fueling the conflict. You can still be conversational and personal with your posts but make sure they are appropriate. The court noted that because the images were shared on social media at work, they contributed to a hostile work environment. There has been a spate of recent cases in the media of employers having to deal with the difficult issue of historic social media misuse: Toby Young, the journalist appointed to the university regulator’s board, Phil Neville, the England Women’s football coach, and Ben Bradley, a conservative MP, have all been in trouble for offensive tweets that led to questions over their suitability for their … Perpetrators have come to believe that coworkers are “fair game” in social networking. Thanks to email, messaging tools like Slack and social media, however, it’s normal for even very new employees to communicate with clients, often with very little time for revision. The workplace has always had its share of internal discord between employees. For today’s employees, social media use is a part of life. New York-based law firm Proskauer, polled multinational companies from countries including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India and the United States for their Social Media in the Workplace Around the World 3.0 study to find out how organisations kept abreast of how their employees used social media. These businesses revealed a number of notable findings and developments – nearly 90% of businesses now use social media for business purposes; and, as a result, social media misuse in the workplace has increased. – Show respect: If you treat other users of social media with respect you will be treated with respect in return. They even went so far as to cajole each other into photographing the disabled worker’s disfigured hand, which he always kept out of sight. For the first time since first conducting their survey in 2011, Proskauer found that the majority of businesses have had to deal with social media misuse. Managing the Workplace Ethics of Social Media Online social media applications are quickly gaining the mindshare of company employees and changing just as rapidly. Racist comments, nude photos or other people’s personal information are usually not allowed. Click Here to learn more. Social media is a communication tool to allow you to share discussions with people all over the world. Step 1 – In developing a social media policy, the following principles should be considered: Social media is a form of media – therefore normal risks in relation to publication in the media apply; defamation, contempt of court, misleading and deceptive conduct, confidential information and … As recent statistics reveal, 81 percent of the U.S. population had social media accounts in 2017 – up nearly 20 percent from four years prior. “I’ve apologised publicly to my friends on Facebook, because my friends see my personal Facebook page, and if you follow me you know my passion – and if you don’t like what I have to put on there, you hit ‘unfriend’, that’s what Facebook is all about, Mr di Bella told Brisbane’s 4BC Radio. She had been missing several days before her body was found. We talked to HR leaders about changes taking place within their organizations. However, with social media, the discord is public and therefore potentially more damaging to the victims. 56% of workers who use social media platforms for work-related purposes agree that social media distracts from the work they need to do, with 30% agreeing strongly. In addition to implementing policies, businesses are now taking precautions to protect against specific risks associated with misuse of social media, such as: Misuse of confidential information (80%) Misrepresenting the views of the business (71%) Inappropriate non-business use (67%) Disparaging remarks about the business or employees (64%) Findings: “Employees’ use of the Internet, particularly social media, has resulted in productivity problems in the workplace. Workers must understand the consequences of noncompliance, ranging from written warnings and suspension to termination. If your staff use : Social Media (personal and business) email and the internet at work, If they send work related emails or discuss the workplace on the internet & on Social Media, you do need to take action to protect the business from social media misuse. Using social media during working hours. Deb Muller is the CEO of HR Acuity, a technology solution that combines documentation, process, and human expertise so organizations can meet the challenge of managing employee relations in the modern world. His coworkers turned to social media out of retaliation and the intent to disgrace him. It can also distort what boundaries there are between home and work. Social media has become an entrenched part of our personal and professional networking, but it brings with it risks created by the misuse of … “Legal Implications of Employee Social Media Use” Dennis, Corey M. Massachusetts Law Review, 2011, Vol. Due to misuse of social media, it leads to many consequences: 1. Have an Internet use and social media policy. Sydney-based public relations firm CP Communications offer the following advice for people looking to engage with a wider audience over social media: – Take a break before you post: If you are angry about something don’t jump straight on social media and tell the whole world about it. 25 Problems with Social Media in the Workplace (Employee and Employer Adverse Effects) 1. Home › Franchising › Franchise Marketing › How social media misuse can affect your business. Guest blogger, Kia Roberts provides 5 insights and actionable steps for how HR leaders can remain engaged in the the employee experience while employees work remotely. – 43% of businesses permit all of their employees to access social media sites, a fall of 10% since the last survey. In the last year, businesses have focused on implementing and reviewing social media policies: The number of businesses with policies has increased significantly, from 60% to nearly 80%. The local coroner called her death a suicide. Suzanne Lucas, The Evil HR Lady, on November 20, 2017. Social media is designed to connect like-minded people, which is why misconduct often escalates. Seen a prime example of social media misuse? Reduced Employee Relations. Telstra, sponsors of the highly coveted award, made the decision to withdraw Mr di Bella’s accolade shortly after. More than 70% of businesses reported having to take disciplinary action against employees for misuse (compared to 35% in 2011). The study also found that there has been an increase in the number of businesses taking measures to stop employees from using social media at work. Other employees took offense at his “tattle-tailing” and started calling him the “Rat” on social media. Finally, it’s critical to track not just the outcome of issues, but the aggregate data — take time to examine all cases of this type to identify trends or patterns of behavior so that corrective action can be taken as required. Facebook, whatsapp, tumblr, pinterest and many more are the major distraction for the employees that shift their focus from the work. Take some time to cool down and consider if it’s even worth posting. More than half of businesses have updated their policies in the last year. Avoid social media misuse by staff and protect from liability. Some estimates report that misuse of the in… Although investigators found no direct link between her death and the cyber bullying, speculation about social media having the power to end a life was widespread. Now social media is raising the stakes by disrupting the way we work, or don't work… Social Media at Work When Making the Decision to Accept or Reject a Job . – Consider the rules of the platform: Before posting anything understand the rules of the social media platform and ensure your posts conform to the accepted guidelines. Future can be affected: When one posts something online it will be there forever, if one is planning to go to a college, it may be possible that the college authorities may access to your account, if they don’t like it they may hold back from accepting. The Society for Human Resource Management recommends that employers’ social media policies prohibit workers from …. Check out our blog for the latest employee relations and workplace investigations insights, trends, and news. They received more than 110 responses from a broad range of businesses, many with a global presence. Protection of Employees in the Workplace,Videography & Photography, Data Protection Act Policing Example of Suspension of Police Officers because of misuse of social media in the workplace You can report abusive content or request for it to be removed from the internet. The body of a 31-year-old firefighter was found in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park in April 2016. These are illegal as well as serious activity that takes place due to social media misuse. Social Media Misconduct: A Costly Risk Employers Can’t Afford, Fourth Annual Employee Relations Benchmark Study, Immediately follow up on all complaints from targeted workers, and conduct a thorough investigation if necessary, Set and enforce policies on appropriate social-media use, Discipline violators, or fire them if necessary, Provide support, such as counseling, for victims, Periodically logon various social-media platforms to monitor employees’ behavior, Establish cultural changes for widespread misuse, Cause stress, depression, anxiety, absenteeism and lateness, leading to higher healthcare costs, Drive some victims to suicide, especially young adults and teenagers, State restrictions on posting proprietary information, Encourage the proper use of the technology, Using social media on company time unless for work-related activities or when authorized, Using social media to retaliate against coworkers or the employer, Speaking to media representatives without corporate affairs’ consent.