The earbuds use two sets of gels per earbud and are IP55 certified, making them workout-certified. If I'm playing music, and place both earbuds in the case, they will turn off (the red led on the earbuds will turn on) for a few seconds, and then the three lights will blink in the case, and the earbuds will turn back on (white led turns on) and continue playing music when inside the case. 16 hours of total usage before charging the case is pretty good going, especially when you take the similarly priced Enod Earbuds into consideration. But again, that isn’t true for the Skullcandy Indy True Wireless. They’re a great alternative to Airpods, even if they’re not a direct competitor. I charge mine about every four to five days. Now both earbuds turn off once placed in the case and the red led turns on to indicate that it is charging. However, it does not feature any water or dust resistance—whereas the Indy True Wireless has an IP55 certification. One minor annoyance I did find was that they tend to move around a bit on your neck. Feel connected, not tied down with 16 hours of battery, rapid charge, touch controls and comfortable fit, these true wireless earbuds are perfect for all-day listening. I met the owner of skullcandy a bunch of times. The Skullcandy Indy follows in that theory with a small and rounded case that feels much better than the one that came with the Push. Did anyone get the new Indy earbuds and experience any issues? Skullcandy has made a name for itself as a company that excels at bang for your buck products. Pros and Cons Pros Opting for a more oval shape than that of the popular Airpods, the shape provides a proper seal for your ear canal to eliminate outside noise. 30 Hours Total Battery + Rapid Charge,IP55 Sweat, Water and Dust Resistant, Call, Track and Volume via Touch Controls,Use Either Bud Solo, 3 EQ Modes (Music, Movie, Podcast), Find Your Earbuds With Tile™ read more ↓ read less ↑ Skullcandy Indy™ True Wireless earbuds are for music lovers who want to be hands-free on the go. The case is still larger than I would’ve liked, but it’s not difficult to manage at all. The Skullcandy Indy Evo earphones came nicely packaged. Both left and right channels incorporate touch controls that allow you to control a few basic functions of your smartphone. There is no account creation needed for ordering. Free Delivery + Warranty. The Skullcandy Indy True Wireless Earbuds feature sweat and water resistance so you can take them to the gym or out for a run in the rain. – INDY™ EVO has Rapid Charge technology featuring a USB-C charging port and cable. Wrap-Up . When it comes to the Indy’s design, Skullcandy stuck with the basics and used a more traditional earbud style, similar to those of the Apple Airpods. Ultimately, Indy represents excellent value for true w… Is there a fix to this? Skullcandy released its very first pair of truly wireless earbuds with the “Push.” For a retail price of just over $100, the push was a great pair that showed that the If you want to keep it in the sub-$100 range, then you should definitely check out the Creative Outlier Gold which takes everything we liked about the original Outlier Air and makes the battery last longer. We got our hands on the Skullcandy Indy Evo to review for a little over a week and so far, are liking what the midrange wireless earbuds have to offer. The Bottom Line Skullcandy's Indy true wireless earbuds have some likable traits, including a good fit and affordable price, but you can can definitely do better for the money. On my Pixel 3, I had a few skips and stutters when walking around with my phone in my pocket or even while doing some quick exercises, but it was nothing too distracting and they were few and far between. When i plugged it in last time, I had to wiggle the power chord while it was in the headphones to get it to charge. Edit: [FIXED] after reading a few posts, I found out that plugging the case in once (and then even after disconnecting) solved the problem. There’s only one button on the control unit for play/pause. Anyone know if there is a way to fix it? I’ll need to try this bc my left earbud has been having so many issues. The Skullcandy Indy earbuds have a touch-sensitive spot on the outside for playback controls. YES! Skullcandy Indy Truly Wireless Earbuds review: The Indy earbuds look a lot like the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air. This means that you can charge your earbuds in the case for 10 minutes to get 1.2 hours play time 2 hours for the Case to charge to 100% So where does the Skullcandy Indy True Wireless fall on the list of the best true wireless earbuds? Then when I close the lid, the earbuds will go off, and then once again the three lights on the case will blink, and the earbuds will turn on and continue playing music inside the closed case. These ear gels are made of silicon and they work really well — we got a secure fit in both ears and they didn’t budge while running. It would depend on the delivery location as the shipping company takes around 3-7 days to deliver. They’re also IP55 certified so you don’t have to worry about sweat damaging them. While we’re on the subject of other premium options, there’s also the Sony WF-1000XM3 which are objectively one of the best pairs of true wireless earbuds on the market. The earphone case, that seconds as a charger, is a very convenient size that easily fits most pockets and is a nice, sturdy design. Case in point, the Skullcandy Indy true wireless earbuds. They’re made entirely of a cheap plastic and the touch-sensitive controls along the box-y stem of the earbuds are hit or miss when you’re trying to control payback. 10 Minutes of charge for the ear buds will provide 2+ hours of playtime, and 10 minutes of charge in the charging case will provide 4+ hours of playtime. Touch controls are hit or miss Sure, their headphones don’t sound bad, but they usually don’t sound good either. So you can charge them back up fully roughly three times before you … Note: This product has Rapid Charge. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Neither has a loop that fits over the ear, however, which does make them both a bit more prone to falling out. Price, Average battery life With colours including black, indigo, mint, red/black, and indigo, you are sure to find a pair that matches your fashion style. Easy pairing process The support for wireless charging and in-built tile functionality is something extra which is not offered by others in this price segment. Still, that’s not to say that getting a pair is a waste of your money. Skullcandy Indy not charging / turning off in case Edit: [FIXED] after reading a few posts, I found out that plugging the case in once (and then even after disconnecting) solved the problem. I haven’t tried running with them, but while doing my usual exercise of push-ups, sit-ups, etc. The more true wireless earbuds I review, the more I realize that a product is only as good as its case. You can connect the earbuds to your smartphone and laptop via Bluetooth. This means that you can charge your earbuds in the case for 10 minutes to get 1.2 hours play time. While they’re probably most known for their small, colorful earbuds, they’ve turned that into some really impressive audio products that are worth paying attention to.