(Source: Chicago Police) Follow Us Mesquite woman reunited with missing dog found in Las Vegas 4 years later Jessica Urbina last saw her brown and white Shih Tzu on Easter 2012, but two weeks ago she got a … Yes, after days of anticipation we finally have a president-elect.And with that news in hand comes a pair of furry friends: dogs are coming back to the White House. The 14-year-old named Dutchess was found hungry, shivering and in serious need of a nail trim under a shed on Oct. 7, according to the Pittsburgh-based Humane Animal Rescue. Mike Plas’ shepherd-husky dog Jack disappeared in 2015. Lost Dog, 12, Is Reunited with Mich. Family 4 Years After Going Missing: 'Thought It Was a Prank' this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. The dog appeared to be in good health, and police said the family was “joyful and astonished” to be reunited with their pet after nearly four years. Occurred on October 7, 2018 / Tbilisi, Georgia "62-year-old Giorgi Bereziani lost his beloved dog named Jorge in 2015. After months of searching, they lost hope of ever finding him. Dog stolen from boy, 2, turns up six years later, after being found wandering the streets After 4 years on the lam, Central Texas dog returned to family. “At first it kind of threw me back I was like, Oscar? However, with Christmas comes miracles. Oct. 12 (UPI) --A 14-year-old toy fox terrier was reunited with its Florida owner in Pittsburgh after being missing for 12 years.Dutchess got loose on Feb. 28, 2007, from her home in Boca Raton. Dog found in Indiana six years after it went ... 01:50 INDIANAPOLIS --A Yorkshire Terrier named Bailey who disappeared from his Texas home six years ago was found … A Kentucky woman who lost her two Jack Russell terriers four years ago has been reunited with one of them. ... dog Army had been found safe and was … The dog caught people’s attention after a … A dog that was believed to be dead after suddenly vanishing 10 years ago has been reunited with its owner after being found alive and well. Four years ago, Molly the dog disappeared from her home in Rowan County, North Carolina, reports WBTV. Finally Home: Dog Found, Reunited With Family After 14 Year Disappearance By Deborah Ferguson • Published February 13, 2020 • Updated on February 13, 2020 at 5:13 pm NBCUniversal, Inc. A 4-year-old girl was found alive after she and her dog disappeared in Alabama woods last week. An animal control officer spotted the 17-year-old female dachshund last week in the parking lot of a city park, the Norwich Bulletin reports. A dog in Saskatoon who got a lot of online attention after having gone missing for three days during a massive snow storm has been found safe by a cross-country skier. Kate Olson’s nearly yearlong quest to find her dog ended Nov. 13 in a field near Grant’s Trail close to I-55 and Hoffmeister Avenue in Lemay. Abby the Blind Dog In what could only be dubbed a “Christmas Miracle,” Abby the blind, mixed breed dog made her way through miles of frozen Alaskan terrain until she found a warm home to take her in. Oscar the boxer had been missing for four years. A 'brutalised' bull terrier has been found with horrific injuries believed to have been caused in illegal dog fights – four years after going missing from its home. News. PHILADELPHIA - A Tennessee woman and her beloved pitbull were reunited Sunday morning in Philadelphia after being separated for four years. The family was in Arizona when they learned their dog had been found, but they turned around, stopping at their hotel to … The 18,000-year-old pup nicknamed Dogor – a pun on ‘dog or wolf’ – was found in the summer of 2018 and has been studied since then by Love Dalén and Dave Stanton, 34. A dog waiting on a roadside for four years has finally been reunited with its owner thanks to a social media post. Booker was reunited with the 9-year-old Shih Tzu mix at a cargo facility at Denver's airport on Thursday, weeks after she was found wandering the streets of Elgin. On Monday night, the family received an unexpected call from El Paso Animal Services saying they had found a white boxer named Oscar. A 4-year-old Alabama girl who disappeared Wednesday afternoon while walking her dog has been found, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday.. Brother and sister Tony and Sara Torres admit they had nearly given up hope after … Jodi Chamlee says she lost her dog… PHOENIX — After being missing for four years, a lost dog has finally been reunited with his family back here in the Valley. But nearly four years after Jack vanished, Plas got a call from Winnipeg. When Dutchess the dog went missing in Florida, she was just a puppy. The girl was in good condition with a dog … After spending almost a year in the woods behind an industrial park in Arnold, Walter the dog was captured on Nov. 13. Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for a New Hampshire woman, who lost her dog about a year earlier in Arnold. The Staffordshire bull terrier went missing in 2014 but has now found her way home (iStock) A stolen dog has been returned to her owners after more than four years apart. Two years later a rescue group found the 11-year-old cat five miles from his home and located his owners thanks to Turner’s microchip implant. PHOENIX, Ariz. — After being missing for four years, a lost dog has finally been reunited with his family. Evelyn Sides, who goes by Vadie, was walking her dog… Now the long-lost Fox Terrier is 14 years old and has been reunited with her owner in Pennsylvania. While the sheriff’s office didn’t say where or how she was found, a photo published on the website of WTVM shows the little red-haired girl smiling in the arms of a rescuer with a smudge of dirt on her nose. A family dog which went missing during a walk through bushland on the Sunshine Coast four years ago has been found and reunited with her family. Dog Stolen 4 Years Ago Is Reunited With Family Just In Time For Christmas Harley, a Yorkshire terrier, was found loose in Tucson and her owner was … AUBURN, Ala. -- Searchers on Friday found a 4-year-old girl who had been missing for two days in a wooded area in east Alabama.