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Volunteer Guidebook

(as adopted on August 2nd, 2009)

For purposes of this document, the following references may be used interchangeably where and as appropriate: RTM/LVL; Right to Move; La voie libre; “the shop”.

All of these terms refer to the whole of the space allocated to Right to Move/La voie libre, and to the operations occurring in that space relative to the organization “La voie libre/ Right to Move”.

Admission into the shop
  • The shop is open to the general public.
  • Right to Move/La voie libre is a non-racist, non-sexist, queer-friendly and non-discriminatory space.
Definition of “Member”
  • Any member of the public who pays the yearly $20 membership fee
  • Volunteers are also classified as members, and must also pay the yearly membership
Rights of Members
  • Use the shop during its opening hours
  • Buy used or new parts, provided they install the parts on their own bikes in the shop
  • Store one project bike or wheel, for a limited time, provided they are actively working on the project
  • Freely use lubricants, tube patches and glue for the purpose of fixing and maintaining their bicycles
Responsibilities of Members
  • Those wishing to use the shop are asked to first become members.
  • Membership costs $20 and, which must be paid in full, in cash, upon registration. We do not accept partial payment
  • Membership is valid for one year and may be renewed yearly
  • If someone wants to use the shop and, for whatever reason, cannot register as a member that day, we allow them to use the shop but request that they pay a donation and buy a membership the next time they visit.
  • Upon registration, members are asked to read and respect the Code of Conduct.
  • Members are asked to put away any tools they use, put any recyclables or garbage they generate in the appropriate container, and generally clean up after themselves
  • Members/shop users are asked to respect the direction of the volunteers, esp. on such matters as safety, proper use of particular tools, priority access to stands/space, and storage space
Prospective Volunteers

Membership in the organization as a volunteer shall be limited to General Members interested in furthering the objectives of RTM/LVL. If someone expresses interest in becoming a volunteer, we ask that they first:

  • Attend an orientation (if possible)
  • Make him/herself acquainted with the other volunteers, the workings of the shop and its tools, and read the RTM/LVL Guidebook
  • Show up to different shifts so they can meet different volunteers before committing to a regular shift
  • Read the document on volunteering at the shop
  • Ask other volunteers to orient him/her on matters not mentioned in the guide
Rights of Volunteers
  • Each volunteer is allocated $2 each per shift to purchase coffee, or equivalent. This also applies to those who do paid work in the shop 
  • Volunteers may accept tips from members, so long as the member makes it clear that it is not a donation to the organization as the whole
Established Volunteers
  • Every new volunteer has a probationary period of three months.
  • This three month period can be bypassed in certain cases, but only if there is consensus among the other volunteers
  • After three months of regular shifting, and with the approval of other volunteers at a meeting, the new volunteer becomes an established volunteer and has the same privileges as other established volunteers
Privileges of established volunteers
  • May be added to the key list kept at Concordia security and/or attain a key to the cash box and apply to the university to attain a personal key to the front door if there is consensus among the other volunteers, established volunteers
  • May use the shop during hours when it is not open to the public
  • Applicable for paid work (see policy on paid work)
  • May purchase merchandise at cost from our suppliers. This only applies to special orders, not to merchandise already purchased for sale in the shop
  • May store one bicycle and one wheel in the mechanics' space, where the rule is one bicycle or wheel per hook
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