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-====== == Welcome to Right to Move's Wiki == ======+====== Welcome to Right to Move's Wiki ======
 +Here you can find information on our policies and governance. ​
 +**We the people of Right to Move:**
 +  * were founded in the spring of '97;
 +  * are dedicated to facilitating safe, reliable access to transportation by bicycle for everyone;
 +  * are a large, diverse and dedicated group of people;
 +  * recognize that bicycles do not produce greenhouse gases or other toxins, as cars do;
 +  * recognize that women have less access to mechanical know-how, and work to right this imbalance;
 +  * have a space, allocated by Concordia Space Planning, for a temporary shop and bicycle storage;
 +  * provide bicycle-maintenance workshops and drop-in repair help in our shop;
 +  * accept donated bicycles (which would otherwise go to the landfill) and repair them so they can be used;
 +  * reduce the demand for more bicycles to be built under socially-exploitative and environmentally-disastrous conditions;
 +  * intend to provide a defensive-cycling training program in the future.
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