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Things You Should Know About RTM

1. RTM/Lvl's space is a non-sexist, non-racist, non-homophobic, egalitarian one. We attempt to be bilingual. Work with us to make change happen! Feel free to call us on our lapses.

2. RTM provides the tools, the space, and the know-how so that you can fix your own bike, and learn how to. You are encouraged to ask questions, seek assistance, and to consult the written material available.

3. RTM's tools are often specialised and expensive, and difficult to do without. If you are unsure of which tool to use for a particular task, or how to use the required tool, please ask the RTM mechanic/host for help.

4. RTM relies primarily on memberships, donations, the sale of bikes, and workshop fees to cover operating expenses. Please support us so we can continue to provide our services. Become a member and keep your contact information current so that we can keep you abreast of developments at RTM/Lvl.

5. RTM is volunteer-run, and the generosity and hospitality of RTM's mechanics/hosts should not be abused: consider the posted closing time for each shift at RTM to be a firm one, and undertake only repairs and adjustments to your bicycle that you are fairly certain you can complete in time.

6. RTM needs volunteers to help us function more effectively - bicycle mechanics, graphic artists, organisers, enthusiasts, and people to put up posters or to pick up donated bicycles. When you become a member, consider identifying ways in which you'd like to contribute to RTM.

7. RTM's abilities to track the bicycles moving through the shop depends on each bicycle having a completed Bicycle Maintenance Sheet securely attached to it. This form is used to identify the provenance, stewardship, and eventual destination of each bicycle. Please ensure that any bicycle you work on - whether your own, or one you've adopted as a project - has such a form attached to it.

8. RTM is not responsible in any way for injury to yourself, nor damage to your clothes or your bike, nor any damage to, or loss of, any property of yours, no matter how caused, and even if caused by our own negligence. Your use of RTM's facilities is entirely at your own risk. We urge you to use the safety equipment we provide and to be careful.

9. RTM strives to be a fun, sociable, and educational space. If your experience at RTM falls short of this, let us know immediately, and make suggestions as to how we can improve.

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