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The following motions presented for a vote and approved at Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings serve as amendments and extensions to the RTM/LVL constitution.


Motion 1 - Committee Structure

Whereas the Board proposes that the already existing informal committee structure be formalized and that the rights and responsibilities of each committee be clarified to ensure that each committee functions democratically and in agreement with RTM’s constitution.

Be it resolved that every committee shall have a clearly identified mandate, lifespan (task-oriented or time-bound) and list of powers. A budget can be defined if needed. The committee shall be able to make decisions within their power. Any volunteer who expresses the desire to do so can be part of one or more committee(s).

Be it further resolved that the name of the committee members and their internal communication shall be made public and easily accessible to any volunteer.

Be it further resolved that the committees will pursue their mandate autonomously but will report their progress at the volunteers meetings. If a member of the volunteer body does not agree with a specific action/decision taken by the committee, they must communicate their disagreement by attending the committee’s next meeting or via email to the committee to discuss the action/decision further and find a solution. If the disagreement persists after an effort in good faith has been made, the issue will be brought up at the next volunteers meeting.

Be it further resolved that committees will come to decisions according to Right to Move’s established decision-making process.

Be it further resolved that any standing (recurrent) committee must be approved by a vote at the AGM along with any necessary budget. If needed, the volunteer body has the power to form ad hoc committees at a volunteer meeting. If the ad hoc committee needs to stay in place longer than one year, its mandate and powers shall be officialized at the next AGM. The dissolution or changes to mandate and powers of standing committees will have to be approved by the AGM.

Motion 2- Evaluation and Training Committee

Whereas the Board proposes the creation of a committee which will put in place a one-time evaluation and training process at Right to Move. The goal of the Evaluation and Training Committee is to strengthen RTM’s commitment towards the continuous development of the collective and its missions, in particular Article 5.E of its constitution:

Article 5.E. RTM/LVL shall actively promote the inclusion of underrepresented groups within its membership.

Be it resolved that the Evaluation and Training Committee will be a task-oriented committee that will exist until an evaluation and training process takes place and for the duration of the evaluation and relevant training process. The relevance, mandate and powers of the Evaluation and Training Committee and its budget will be re-evaluated at the next AGM.

Be it further resolved that its mandate and powers will be:

  • Research evaluation and training options;
  • Select and implement a one-time process of evaluation and training of the whole collective;
  • If needed, hire external professionals to conduct the evaluation and/or give training;
  • Present at the next AGM a written report of the evaluation and training process along with, if necessary, recommendations and/or proposals for permanent changes to the RTM processes and/or bylaws.

Be it further resolved that the Evaluation and Training Committee will be allotted a budget of $2000 for the fiscal year of 2016, with a new budget line created to this effect.

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