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Article 1: Name

The Association shall be known in English as “Right to Move,” and in French as “La Voie Libre” and hereafter shall be called “RTM,” “LVL” or “RTM/LVL”.

Article 2: Language of La Voie Libre/Right to Move

English and French are the official languages of La Voie Libre/Right to Move.

  1. In all communications and at meetings of RTM/LVL, members may use either official language.
  2. Resolutions of RTM/LVL may be adopted in either or both official languages.
  3. Official notices of RTM/LVL shall be posted in either official language.
  4. All documents of RTM/LVL shall be considered authoritative in the language of their original adoption.

Article 3: Objectives

The objective of RTM/LVL is the promotion of sustainable transportation with a special emphasis on the bicycle and other human-powered devices.

Article 4: Services

Services provided by RTM/LVL in fulfilling its mandate will include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing a high-accessibility bicycle workshop, at which its members may come in and use its tools, and learn how to maintain and/or improve their bikes.
  • Acquiring and maintaining a stock of used and new bicycle parts and accessories which can be purchased by members to complete projects which they undertake at the RTM/LVL shop.
  • Receiving donated bicycles and fixing them up to sell to members at a reasonable price.
  • Holding workshops and classes to educate people on topics such as bicycle maintenance and safety.

Article 5: Nature of RTM/LVL

  1. RTM/LVL is open to the public at large for membership and Volunteer involvement, with a special emphasis on involvement with the Concordia University community.
  2. RTM/LVL may have staff or contracted workers to provide continuity, skills and facilitation of the day-to-day business of the organization.
  3. RTM/LVL shall be non-partisan. Its objectives shall be carried out without the purpose of gain for its members and any profits or other accretions shall be used for promoting the objectives of RTM/LVL.
  4. RTM/Lvl is a consensus-based organization wherein, except for all items at General Meetings, decision-making is based on a 'unanimity minus one vote' decision rule.
  5. RTM/LVL shall actively promote the inclusion of underrepresented groups within its membership.


Bylaw 1: Definitions

In these Articles and Bylaws, the following definitions apply, unless the context otherwise requires:

  1. “member”: member of RTM/LVL;
  2. “Board”: the Board of Directors of RTM/LVL;
  3. “Board member”: member of the Board of Directors of RTM/LVL;
  4. “voting Board member”: a Board member elected by the members of RTM/LVL;
  5. “non-voting Board member”: an ex-officio or appointed Board member;
  6. “majority resolution”: a resolution based upon a majority of votes cast, including blanks and abstentions;
  7. “two-thirds resolution”: a resolution based upon a two-thirds majority of votes cast, including blanks and abstentions.
  8. “shop”: the physical space(s) within which RTM/Lvl carries out most of its operations.

Bylaw 2: Membership

A. Types of Members

There shall be the following classes of members:

  • General Members
  • Volunteers
B. Eligibility
  • General Membership is open to the public at large. General Membership is available through, and begins upon, payment of a fee to RTM/LVL.
  • Volunteers in the organization shall be limited to General Members interested in furthering the objects of RTM/LVL and shall consist of anyone whose application for admission as a volunteer has been approved as outlined in the Policy Manual and Guidebook.
C. Rights of Members
  • All members shall have voting privileges in elections and general meetings of RTM/LVL.
  • All members shall be eligible to sit as Board members.
  • All members shall be entitled to benefit from the services of RTM/LVL.
  • Every document of RTM/LVL shall be open to inspection by any member upon reasonable request, except for minutes of Board meetings held in closed session.
  • If any General or Volunteer member is hired by RTM/LVL, he/she retains his/her status and privileges as a General or Volunteer Member.
D. Termination of Membership

Any member may be expelled from the organization by a consensus of Volunteers at a monthly meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose.

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