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 Any member may be expelled from the organization by a consensus of Volunteers at a monthly meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose. Any member may be expelled from the organization by a consensus of Volunteers at a monthly meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose.
 +=== Bylaw 3: Operation and administration of RTM/LVL ===
 +  - The Operation and administration of RTM/LVL and its facilities shall be governed by the Bylaws set forth below and by the RTM/LVL Policy Manual and Guidebook referred to therein.
 +  - Volunteers shall be responsible for administering the Bylaws, managing the organization on a day-to-day basis, and ensuring implementation of and adherence to policies outlined in the Policy Manual and Guidebook.
 +=== Bylaw 4: Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws ===
 +  - Amendments to the Bylaws may be made by a two thirds (2/3) majority of the members in attendance at a General Meeting, in a referendum held in accordance with the same rules governing elections, as per Bylaw 6B.
 +  - Notice and wording of the proposed Bylaw change must be announced subject to the same rules as govern the announcement of General Meetings as per Bylaw 6A.
 +  - All amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of RTM/LVL may be adopted in either official language.
 +=== Bylaw 5: Board ===
 +== A. Duties and Powers ==
 +  - The management, administration,​ and control of the affairs of RTM/LVL are vested in the Board, subject to these Bylaws and the division of responsibilities outlined in Bylaw 5A. Without diminishing the generality of the foregoing, the Board:
 +     * may make such rules and regulations as it considers advisable for the conduct of the affairs of RTM/LVL, provided such rules and regulations are consistent with these Bylaws and Articles;
 +     * may appoint standing or ad hoc committees and task forces, to carry out specific functions as determined by the Board;
 +     * shall ensure the keeping of proper financial records;
 +  - The Board shall elect, from among themselves:
 +    * A Chair
 +    * Secretary that shall be responsible for taking and managing minutes and other responsibilities outlined by the board
 +    * A treasurer that shall be responsible for monitoring the finances of the organization,​ for authorization of spending in excess of $100 (whether by cheque or credit), for the provision of quarterly financial reports to volunteers and members, and for the creation of ad hoc committees related to inventory, internal audits, and tax-filing, as required.
 +    * The Chair shall ensure the effective chairing of the Board, and give notice of the agenda.
 +    * Minutes shall be kept of all meetings of the Board.
 +== B. Board members ==
 +  - The Board shall consist of three to seven RTM/LVL members who have been elected in accordance with Bylaw 6E as voting members to represent RTM/LVL.
 +  - The term of office for voting Board members shall normally be one year, beginning November 1 and ending October 31, or until their successors are elected or appointed, whichever comes later.
 +  - Voting Board members shall retire at the expiration of their term at which time their successor shall take office.
 +  - Voting Board members shall not serve more than three (3) terms consecutively.
 +  - The Board shall have the right to appoint or remove other non-voting Board members, from time to time as it sees fit.
 +  - No remuneration shall be paid to a voting Board member for being or acting as a voting Board member or Officer, but a voting Board member or Officer shall be reimbursed for all expenses incurred by her/him while engaged in the affairs of RTM/LVL, subject to authorization by the Board Treasurer according to financial guidelines determined by the Board.
 +  - All major decisions that significantly affect the image and administration of RTM/LVL must be made by consensus.
 +== C. Board Elections and By-Elections ==
 +The Board shall be elected at a General Meeting, in which:
 +  * Nominations shall come from the floor;
 +  * All candidates shall have the opportunity to present themselves, and members present at the meeting shall have the opportunity to ask questions of them;
 +  * Any candidates who cannot be present due to extenuating circumstances may present a written platform that will be read on their behalf;
 +  * Elections shall be conducted by secret ballot.
 +  * Members present can vote for more than one candidate, to a maximum of seven. Members voting will list their selections in order of preference with the first being the most preferred and the last being the least preferred.
 +  * Candidates must receive the support of 2/3 of members present in order to be elected to the board, regardless of their preferential ranking. In the event of a tie of votes for any 2 or more candidates when there is only one seat left to be filled on the board, the candidate with the highest preferential ranking will take the place.
 +  * If less than three candidates are elected, the people present will elect at least one more board member from the remaining candidates with a minimum support of 1/2 of the members present.
 +All publicity materials for the General Meeting shall give notice of the Board elections.
 +In order to elect a board, quorum must be present as defined in Bylaw 6E.
 +4. The operation of these election rules will be overseen by an impartial electoral officer, who will be selected for that purpose.
 +D. Resignation and Removal of Board Members
 +1. A Board member may resign by presenting resignation in writing, which shall be effective upon acceptance by the Board.
 +2. A voting Board member may be removed by a consensus resolution of a duly-held meeting of the volunteers of RTM/LVL.
 +3. A voting Board member who has resigned or who has been removed shall be replaced for the duration of his/her term by an Alternate member appointed by the Board only if at least four (4) voting Board members still hold office. If there are less than four (4) voting Board members, a by-election is to be held in accordance with Bylaw 5C. All conditions with respect to voting Board members in these Bylaws shall also apply to Alternate Board members.
 +E. Meetings of the Board
 +1. The Board shall hold regularly scheduled meetings at least 4 times per year. At least five (5) days’ written notice of the time and place of meetings shall be communicated to the board and members by email.
 +2. Quorum shall be a simple majority of the voting Board members then holding office.
 +3. Any proposal to be considered by the Board must be accompanied by a memo containing a complete description of the project or action, including advantages, disadvantages,​ implications and costs. The proposal and memo must be submitted to the memorandum Chair or Secretary at least seven (7) days prior to consideration and made available to Board members at least five (5) days prior to consideration. All proposals must be sponsored by a member of RTM/LVL. If this procedure is not followed, a two-thirds resolution of the Board is necessary to consider the proposal.
 +    ​
 +4. A Board voting member who would possibly be put in conflict of interest by a proposed contract or transaction with RTM/LVL shall disclose such interest and shall not vote on, or be counted in the quorum for, a resolution concerning the proposed contract or transaction. Such resolutions shall be voted on by secret ballot.
 +5. Meetings of the Board and its committees shall be open to all members of RTM/LVL; the Chair shall make every effort to enable the attendance and participation of members.
 +6. Notwithstanding subsection 5, a particular meeting or portion thereof may be held in closed session of voting Board members or committee members upon majority resolution of the Board or committee, only for the purpose of discussing the following matters:
 +a) discussions regarding proposed, pending, or current litigation;​b) personnel matters, leading to the hiring, firing, promotion, demotion, suspension, salary level or evaluation of staff members.
 +7. Special Meetings of the Board, to consider matters of particular concern or urgency, shall be called by the Chair;
 +a) at her/his discretion, or: b) upon majority resolution of the Board, or: c) upon receipt of a written request from any three (3) Board members, or: d) upon receipt of a petition duly signed by 5% of the members of RTM/LVL
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